Your Kua Number & Personal Best Directions

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Did you know that feng shui uses a formula that helps you to figure out which four compass directions are positive for you and which are negative? This ancient formula uses your birth date and your gender to determine something that is known in feng shui as your Kua Number. Each Kua Number has four compass directions that are considered positive and four that are negative. These are the best directions for your home to face (while you’re standing inside looking out), for the top of your head to point while you’re sleeping (as if you had an arrow sticking out of your head), and the direction you face while you’re working (if you sit for a long period of time).

    Many of you know that I am very practical when it comes to feng shui and I have to say that I have found the influence of my own Kua Number and those of my clients to be quite accurate. That’s why I’m sharing this information with you now.
    The first thing you’ll need to do is to figure out your kua number.  There is a formula that you can use to figure out the number mathematically,  or you can use the handy Kua Number calculator on my web site and figure it out quickly and easily. Click Here to go to that page. Input your birth information and don’t forget to click whether or not you are male or female as the calculator considers gender as an influence as well as birth date.
    Once you input your personal information you will be told that you are either a West Group Person or an East Group Person. You will also be told your Kua Number. There are only two groups and you are one or the other. East Group People have the same positive directions (E, SE, S, N) and the same negative directions (W, NW, NE, SW). West Group people have the opposite directions from the East Group people. If you are West Group your best directions are (W, NW, NE, and SW) and your negative directions are (E, SE, N, S). In other words, the East Group’s best directions are the West Group’s bad directions and visa versa.

   Use the chart below the Kua Number Calculator to see what compass directions correspond to your personal Kua Number. For example, if your Kua Number is 8, you are a West Group person. Your best direction would be Southwest and your other positive directions are NW, W, and NE. Your negative directions are S, N, E and SE (your worst is SE).
   On the Kua Number Calculator page  I’ve given you some basic information on how to use your Kua Number. It’s best to have a home that faces one of your positive directions (use a compass to make sure of the direction, don’t guess). If your home doesn’t face one of your positive directions you may not feel as comfortable there in the long run. If you’re in a marriage or living with someone and one of you is West Group and one of you is East Group, then one of you may feel more comfortable in the home than the other. If your home doesn’t face a good direction for you then try to sleep with your head pointing towards one of your best directions or try to sit facing one of your positive directions if you’re going to be seated for a long period of time. Children are more sensitive to this than adults, so be sure to check to make sure your child’s head is pointing a positive direction while they’re sleeping.
     Once in a while there are situations when a person’s home isn’t facing a positive direction and they can’t sleep or sit in a positive direction due to the layout of the home. It’s possible that you may experience more struggles in a home like this because the space is not an energetic match for you. In my own personal experience I can tell you that the experiences I’ve had while living in homes that faced one of my positive directions were generally better than homes that were not good for me directionally speaking. If you’re looking for a new place to live, try to find one that faces a positive direction for you.
    If you live in a space that is not a good directional match for you it’s not the end of the world. In this case try to optimize your Life Aspiration Meridian Points as much as possible to help balance the energy in the home. The most important thing of all is that you are happy where you life. I have one particular client who lives in her dream home. It faces one of her negative directions (not her worst direction, but a negative one nonetheless) and she’s very happy there. So all is not lost if your home is “directionally challenged”.
    I personally believe that this is the hierarchy in feng shui: Most important is how the space FEELS, second is where the Life Aspiration Meridian Points are (and enhancing them properly), and third is whether or not you’re optimizing your best directions and avoiding your negative ones. There are many, many, many aspects to having good feng shui. It’s a holistic process and no one thing makes a space optimal. Using your Kua Number and Best Directions as a guideline is just one more way to help you energetically align with your living and working environments.

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