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Increasing Abundance with Feng Shui

How to Bring “More” into Your Life
    I am often asked to consult with clients in their homes and businesses to help bring more abundance in their lives. While feng shui can assist with energy flow and stress reduction, it (unfortunately) can’t make us instant millionaires,  solve all our problems or undo poor decision making. That said, there are ways to increase the positive energy in your home or business that can help boost your life improvement efforts.
Here some things you can do to help align your surroundings for greater abundance.

1. De-clutter
We all know the feeling of lightness and joy that de-cluttering can bring. In order to free up the energy in your space, get rid of anything that you don’t want, love, need, or use. Objects that no longer hold positive meaning or uses need to be discarded in order to allow energy to flow. Remember, clutter=stagnation.
2. Activate the Life Aspiration Areas in Your Home
Get a compass and an accurate floor plan to determine your Life Aspiration Areas and Meridian Points, then enhance them accordingly. If you don’t know how to figure this out chapter six in Feng Shui that Makes Sense can help you. While all the Life Aspiration Meridian Points are important, below are four that may most directly influence the flow of abundance in your life. The details below will help you focus on ones that may directly affect the flow of abundance in your life.
A. Activate the Career Meridian Point
In the north water is the activating element.  Place a fountain and keep it running 24/7.  This area is associated with your career, your life path and the direction your life is heading.  Try to keep items made of rock or stone off this point as earth is the destructive element for the north.
 B. Nurture Your Wealth Meridian
Place healthy plants in the southeast and remove any metal you have there. The southeast is associated with wealth, prosperity, and abundance. Water can help provide a boost to the southeast meridian, so feel free to add a fountain along with your plants (and yes, the plants have to be real and HEALTHY.) Remove any metal on or near this point as metal is the destructive element for wood.
C. Let Your Fame Shine
Fame isn’t just about being famous. It’s about making things bigger and better. Fire is the element for the south To safely bring in the fire element,  place a lamp on your south meridian point and have it turned on for at least three hours every day. Water is the destructive element for fire, so be sure to remove any water you may have on or near this point if possible.
6. Conduct a Space Clearing
It’s very important to regularly clear your living and working spaces of old stagnant energy. A space clearing can help move things along in your life by getting rid of any negative or low vibrational energy in your space. You can find directions on how to do this by reading Feng Shui that Makes Sense or taking my FREE online space clearing class.
 7. Create a Vision Board
Vision boards are great for helping you achieve your goals. Create a vision board of  the items that remind you of having abundance in your life and hang it somewhere you can see it. Vision boards are amazingly effective tools!
9. Fix Things that are Broken.
When items aren’t working properly they create stress and frustration in our lives and remind us  of things that aren’t going quite right. Be sure to repair or replace anything that needs to be improved and feel the difference in your life as things move more smoothly.
10. Invite Nature into Your Home
Flowers, plants, pretty stones, etc. all remind us of the abundance of nature that is all around us. Don’t forget to spend some time each day outdoors, and remember to count the blessings you have in your life now to allow more to come into your life later!
Again, remember that feng shui isn’t magic and can’t instantly solve all of life’s problems; financial and otherwise. What it can do however is help to energetically align your space so that you can more easily create what it is you’d like to manifest in your life. One thing I learned many, many years ago is that one of the best ways to manifest abundance in my life was to practice being grateful as much as possible for all the blessings I already have. Being grateful creates an energy of “having” rather than “lack” and helps pave the way for even more blessings in your life.
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