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Energizing Your Outdoor Areas with Feng Shui

You are most likely well aware that Feng Shui principles apply to our interior environments in order to create a more optimal living space, but did you know those principles pertain to our exterior surroundings as well?  To assist you in preparing for the warmer months ahead,  I am including some wonderful tips on how you can employ the basic principles of Feng Shui to your outdoor living areas.
Let’s start with patio furniture:
If you are in the market for new patio furniture, you may want to consider the material it is made of in light of what part of the Pa Kua (or Life Aspiration Area) the furniture will be placed. Each Life Aspiration Area is designated based on the compass direction where it is located.  Every one of these areas has a specific emphasis and a specific element that “charges” or increases the energy for that space.  Here are a list of the areas, their directions and meanings, and what you may want to consider for these sections of your yard.

This direction relates to Career and the element is water.  It is great to have some kind of water feature here (pools, spas, fountains, even a birdbath) to help stimulate the Career energy.  Metal supports this direction, so metal patio furniture, wind chimes, etc. are ideal when placed here.

This direction relates to Knowledge, Spirituality and the way we nurture ourselves.  Earth is the main element for the Northeast, so river rock, stone, tile, bricks, etc. are great for this section.  You may also want to include statuary made of cement or stone to enhance the Northeast.  The patio furniture could be made from cement or stone; a Stone bench or stone (granite, tile, etc.) table top would be good for this section.

The East relates to Family.  Wood is the main element for this section.  Patio furnituremade of wood is ideal here.  Metal furniture is the least desirable because metal cuts wood and is not a good energy for the East.  You want to also make sure to have healthy growing plants in the east to increase the positive energy for the family.

Most people are very interested in enhancing the Southeast section of their home and outdoor environment because the Southeast relates to Wealth.  As with the East (Family) area, wood is the main element for the Southeast.  Wood patio furniture is ideal, and so are healthy, growing plants.  In Feng Shui it is considered especially positive to have fruit bearing trees in this sector so your financial efforts will “bear fruit”.  As with the east, try to keep metal items to a minimum here.
The South relates to Fame and Reputation.  Fire is the element that stimulates the South.  BBQs, fireplaces and fire pits  are great here.  Lighting that goes on every night (either electrical or solar) are wonderful for the South.  The color red can add energy too, so don’t be shy about planting red flowers in the south.  Just remember that water puts out fire, so stay away from water features as much as possible in the South.  Wood is compatible in this location, so wood patio furniture is a good choice.
The Southwest relates to Love and Partnership and like the Northeast, is enhanced by the energy of items made of earth.  It is wonderful to add a “pair” of statues here to symbolize partnership.  You may also choose to add large rocks or stones in this area too.  River rock, stone, cement, etc. are all good here as is patio furniture made from cement or stone.

The West relates to Children and our Creative efforts.  The element for the West is metal.  Metal wind chimes, furniture, and garden ornamentation made of metal are best suited here.
The Northwest relates to friendships, travel, and being in the right place at the right time (synchronicity).  The element in the Northwest is the same as the West.  Anything made of metal will help increase the energies here.
Well that is a quick look at how to increase the energy of your outdoor environments.  One of the things I really love about Feng Shui is that is it a wonderful guideline for helping us make decor and placement decisions.  I like to call it “Decorating with a Purpose”.  Have fun while doing it, and most of all…enjoy the process!
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