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Feng Shui Tips for a Great Vacation

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I love to travel. In my life I’ve been very fortunate to have done a great deal of exploring all over the world. From Europe to the Amazon and the Great Pyramids of Egypt, I have been blessed with amazing travel experiences.

I enjoy the excitement of being in new places but I know that sometimes travel can test the best of me when it comes to feeling comfortable far away from home. Since feng shui is all about optimizing our surroundings for comfort and safety, I’m including some of my best feng shui travel tips with the hope that you may discover some ideas that will make your next trip more relaxing and enjoyable. You’ll find that most of these suggestions are common sense, and that’s exactly what feng shui is based on, good common sense!

1. Upgrade when and if Possible
I’ve consulted for some of the top hotel, airline, and automotive companies in the world. One thing they have in common is that these industries all know that when possible, people will pay more for added comfort. In other words, people will pay more for better feng shui. Continue reading


Fall Feng Shui Certification Course October 20th – October 25th, 2013

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Would you like to learn more about Feng Shui, become a feng shui consultant, or add feng shui to your skill set; realtors, building and landscape architects, interior designers, professional organizers, etc.? Then this is the perfect course for you! Learn feng shui from Cathleen McCandless, one of America’s top feng shui experts and author of the best-selling feng shui book, “Feng Shui that Makes Sense” Click Here for details.

Optimize your Outdoor Living Spaces with Feng Shui

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Summer is the time of year when the outdoor portions of our home expand the living areas of the home itself. Barbecues, pool parties, Fourth of July celebrations and more take place outdoors and after the confinement of winter, it feel great to be outside and enjoying the nature that surrounds us. Here are some easy ways to optimize your outdoor living environment.
  1. Plant new flowers. Rutgers University did a ten month study and found that people actually release endorphins and dopamine (“happy” hormones) when they see flowers. Choose bright, happy colors and plant them in pretty pots and along the edges of patios and sidewalks. This will brighten the area, lift the spirits of your guests and create a more festive atmosphere.
  2. Freshen the patio furniture. Is your patio furniture in need of paint, new cushions, or just overall replacement? Old, worn patio furniture can spoil the look of a beautiful garden. Clean off the spider webs, touch up chipped or faded paint and throw some new cushions on the seats and you’ll have a fresh clean look to enjoy¬† all summer long.
  3. Choose patio furniture materials according to where they Continue reading