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Five Components for a Great Feng Shui Consultation


One of the most important questions I’m asked by clients who are interested in having an in-person or a long-distance feng shui consultation is what exactly does the consultation entail? Whether you are doing the consultation yourself (with the help of my book), or are interested in having a professional in-person or long-distance consultation for your home or business, there are several important aspects of a comprehensive feng shui consultation. Below I’ve listed the main steps for a consultation and have given you a brief explanation of each one.

1. The Numerology of the Home
     This is one of my favorite parts of the consultation. By adding up the numbers in an address and reducing that sum to a single digit, we can find out some energetic aspects about the home or business that may be affected by its numerology. I can’t begin to tell you how frequently my clients are amazed at how accurate the numerology of the house, apartment, or business is when describing certain aspects of their experiences in that space. To figure out your home’s numerology, click here.
2. The Personal Best Directions for the Everyone Living in the Home

    This is known as one’s Kua Number. By using a formula based on a person’s birth date and gender, we can use an ancient formula to determine an individual’s four positive and negative compass directions. These are the best and worst directions for Continue reading