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Book Signing Event: Sunday, October 16th at Warwick’s Books in La Jolla, California

You’re invited to my book signing event!

WHAT: Book Signing Event for Feng Shui that Makes Sense; Easy Ways to Create a Home that FEELS as Good as it Looks

WHEN: Sunday, October 16th, 2011 from Noon until 2pm

WHERE:                                                                                                            Warwick’s Book Store                                                                                                     7812 Girard Avenue La Jolla, CA  92037                                                                         (858) 454-0347

ABOUT: I have been asked to sign copies of my best-selling book,
Feng Shui that Makes Sense,
Easy Ways to Create a Home that FEELS as Good as it Looks at Warwick’s Books this coming Sunday from noon until
2:00pm.                                                                                                                                                                           Warwick’s is the oldest family-owned book store in the country,
and hosts the most famous authors and celebrities in the world including,
Bill Clinton, Julia Child, Stephen King, Jack Canfield, and many, many more.                                                                                                                                 Feng Shui that Makes Sense is currently ranked #3
out of over 3,000 feng shui books on Amazon. It is the fastest-selling feng
shui book the distributor has ever carried and is already on its third
printing! I’m very pleased to say that the book continues to receive rave reviews.

Come and spend this Sunday afternoon in beautiful La Jolla,
California and pick up a personally signed copy of the book at
Warwick’s between noon and 2:00. With it’s beautiful shops, delicious
restaurants, and gorgeous beaches, spending an afternoon in La Jolla is always
a special treat.

I look forward to seeing you!                                                                                          Best Wishes,                                                                                                                   Cathleen McCandless

Beautiful La Jolla, California

La Jolla


Balancing the Look of a Room with Feng Shui

This is an excerpt from my book, Feng Shui that Makes Sense:
Easy Ways to Create a Home that FEELS as Good as it Looks.
All material is copyright protected and cannot be copied, reproduced or sold without written permission.

When  balancing the way a room feels we must consider its function. A room we use for sleeping has different requirements than a room we use for entertaining. A room that is dark and quiet would be classified as a “Yin” space and is more
conducive for sleep. A room that is bright and active is a “Yang” space and
would be better for socializing.

One of the most common comments I hear from my clients is that,
try as they might, a particular room does not feel right to them. This
situation can be caused by subtle features in the room that may feel unsafe,
things like the positioning of furniture or sharp points and edges can make a
room feel uncomfortable on a subconscious level. The room may look attractive, yet there is something that just doesn’t feel quite right.

The first thing to address is whether or not the Continue reading