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Nature, Feng Shui, and Your Well-Being

One of the most important aspects of feng shui is to bring items and materials from nature into our homes and offices. While we know that it “feels” better to have these items around us, we may have never thought about the reason why.

       For millions upon millions of years human beings have primarily lived outdoors. Sure, we found or created shelter to protect us from the elements of nature, but for the most part we spent the vast majority of  our time outside in the natural environment. It is only within the last 150 years or so (with the dawn of the Industrial Revolution) that people began to move away from farming to work in factories. Most of us now spend a great deal more time indoors than our ancestors did, but the way we respond to our indoor environment is actually influenced by the same factors that allowed the human race to survive in nature environment up until this very moment. Continue reading