Monthly Archives: December 2011

Live Only with What You Love

    Oprah has a saying, “Please take responsibility for the energy that you bring into this space.” I love this quote because it not only pertains to others that may come into our spaces (though I’m sure that was the intent), but it also relates to the objects and things we choose to have surround us.
Many times people ask me, “What color should I paint this room?”, “Can I have this or that picture displayed?”, “Do I need to have this or that trinket here?” These questions stem from the misunderstanding (often perpetuated by feng shui practitioners) that specific colors, photos, and objects possess some kind of magical powers to bring you more “luck”. First of all, this is NOT  true. Specific colors, images, and objects are no more beneficial than any other. It is the meaning that we give these objects that determines their relevance in our surroundings.
My answer to the questions I just mentioned is always the same, Continue reading