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Shifting your Energy with Feng Shui

Shifting Energy with Feng Shui

Spring is here and along with it comes the energy of freshness and new beginnings.  Here are  some great Feng Shui tips to welcome more positive energy into your space and into your life.

The words Feng Shui loosely translated mean wind and water.  Instead of taking these words literally, they exemplify a concept, and that concept is balance.  When our lives are out of balance and we have been experiencing sadness, loss, depression, or other negative emotions, we sometimes feel helpless when it comes to shifting the energy in our lives towards something more positive. 

The wonderful thing about Feng Shui is it is all about creating positive energy. If you are down in the dumps and need a pick-me-up, consider some of these quick and easy ideas:
1. Play some inspiring music.  See the “bookstore” section to the right for some great suggestions.
2. Place some flowers in a vase.  There is a reason people give flowers to those that need cheering up.  Flowers and images of nature are healing because we have lived in nature far longer than we have lived indoors. Images of nature soothe and inspire us.

3. Try aromatherapy.  Essential oils of peppermint and citrus are uplifting and help clear the mind.  Be sure to use high-grade therapeutic essential oils.  You click here for information about essential oils.

4. Clean out a drawer or closet.  Yes, that’s right.  Getting rid of things that no longer serve you helps you get rid of the past and welcome the future.  Plus, you will gain a satisfying feeling of accomplishment!

5. Open the windows.  Let fresh air and sunshine bathe your home with healing energy.
6. Get rid of anything you don’t love, want, or need.  Your home should be a space that pleases you.  Never live with anything that does not lift your spirits.

7. Take care of something in your home that has been bugging you.  Whether it is a sticky door, burnt out light bulb, dead plant, whatever…if it has been bugging you, get up and deal with it once and for all.  You will be amazed at the relief you’ll get from taking care of this annoying thing.  

8. Buy some new fluffy bathroom towels.  Stores like Michael’s and Ross sell high quality towels at a fraction of the original cost.  The luxurious feeling of a nice thick towel after a bath or shower is very soothing.

9. Conduct a space clearing and blessing on your home.

10.  Make that Feng Shui appointment you have been putting off! I can help you shift the energy in your space and help you bring more positive energy and joy into your surroundings.  

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Buying a Home with Feng Shui

 Buying your Home with Feng Shui  

 I am frequently asked to help people make the decision on whether or not to buy a particular home or property.  A home is likely the most expensive and most important investment you will ever make, so it is crucial that you take into consideration all aspects of the purchase, not the least of which is the Feng Shui of that space.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to consider Feng Shui whether you are buying a home.  Whether you are planning to spend a short time or many years in a location, there are a host of factors that can influence whether or not you will be successful and happy in a particular place, and just because it “looks good” doesn’t mean it is going to be the right home for you.  


 There are an abundance of Feng Shui factors involved in determining which home is best for you and your family. An in-depth analysis is based on calculations involving the age of the home, the compass directions of the home, the front door orientation, and your personal birth information.  While it is best to leave those calculations up to an expert (such as Yours Truly), there are things you can do to “weed out” potential problem homes before you go to the next step and get ready to commit to a purchase.


 Home Buying Tips
1. Avoid homes with “missing pieces”.   If you are looking down from a bird’s eye view, you want to have a home that is as close to a square or rectangle as possible. This is known as the “footprint” of a home.  Odd angles and cut outs in the footprint of a home can spell big problems in various life areas such as career, marriage, and wealth.

  2. Find out as much as possible about the previous occupants.  Were they happy and successful?  Did they experience good health and positive relationships?  If there has been a particularly unfortunate history in a home, it may be best to avoid it.

3. How do you feel when you step inside?  We almost always have a “gut” feeling when it comes to a home.  A negative first impression or feeling is one that should be trusted.  If you don’t like something about a home that can’t be changed, instead of getting “used to it” it will only bother you more and more over time.  Keep looking for a better choice.

 4. Where is the house situated on the street?  T Junctions, intersections and cul de sacs can pose possible issues with the Feng Shui of the home.


5. What is the neighborhood like?  If you don’t like your surroundings, you are never going to feel good about your home, and the only way to solve this problem is to move again.  Be sure the area that you are choosing a neighborhood feels good to you.

There are many, many other Feng Shui considerations when purchasing a home.  But these simple suggestions will get you thinking about your home purchase in a different way.  When you have found one you really love, then it is time to have me conduct a professional analysis of the home to make sure it is the best home for you it can possibly be.  I can’t begin to tell you how many times I hear back two or three years later from people that did not take my advice and moved into a home I had warned them about, only to discover how negatively the home impacted their lives. Needless to say, they become firm believers in Feng Shui after such an experience and would never buy a home again that did not have good Feng Shui.  Patience is a virtue…especially when looking for a new home.  In turn you will be rewarded with a space that will bring comfort and joy to you and your loved ones for years to come.

Interview with CNN on Feng Shui and Love

I was interviewed by CNN along with five other nation-wide experts on whether or not people can be “lucky” in love. You can read the on-line version of the article here.  My section is mid-way down the page.

If you can’t reach the article please click here 

Create a Positive First Impression with Feng Shui

When you arrive home do your spirits rise? 

Do you feel rejuvenated, nurtured, and inspired by your home? 

If any of the answers to that question are “no”, it is time to take a careful look at what is going on in the front of your home.  First impressions are lasting impressions, and it is very important that you make sure that the front of your home is pleasing, and evokes feelings of happiness, pride, and security when you come home. 

 If  you feel depressed, irritated, and exhausted when you get home, start your Feng Shui improvements in the front yard. Here are ten tips to get you started. Once you have the front of your home in order, you can face anything that awaits you on the other side of the door with a much more positive attitude!

1. Weed, trim, and fertilize all plants.  Spring is the time when plants want to grow, so fertilize them now to keep them in top form for the coming weeks.

2. If there is any paint on the house that is chipping or cracking, take some touch-up paint and tackle those areas.  Just like removing a scuff from a shoe, your home will look newer and fresher. 

3. Buy flats of happy colored flowers and plant them in pots, in the flower beds and along the edges of sidewalks.  Flowers are a beautiful, easy way to bring happiness and uplifting feelings when you get home. 

4. Power wash the dirty, dusty areas on the front of the home, the garage door, window sills, and rafters.  Get rid of all those cobwebs!

5. If you want to make the front of your house feel like new without spending a lot of money, consider a new front light fixture and hardware for the front door.  The new, clean glass and metal will make a huge improvement to your first impression without breaking the bank!

6. Consider planting flowers and plants with lovely scents.  Lavender, Lemon geranium, and jasmine are all pleasing flowers.   

7. Time to remove anything in the front of the house that bugs you!  If you have any clutter, broken items, fences that need mending, places that need patching, roll up your sleeves and take care of it!  Instead of feeling irritated when you arrive home, you will be amazed at the peace of mind you will have attained by finally taking care of those things you know need to be done.

8. Only have foliage with soft, rounded leaves.  Things that are spiky and pointed make us feel uncomfortable and unwelcome.  Make sure that plants are always in good health and evoke positive feelings.

9. Add fresh ground cover.  Pour bags of new bark or river rock on those bare spots between your flowers and plants.  It is incredible what an improvement this is, and it is very cost-effective!

10. Don’t put off improving your front yard for another minute!  If it isn’t exactly the way you want it, stop making improvements on the inside of the house and tackle the front yard.  This way, you will feel excited and uplifted by your home and you will have the energy to follow through with the rest of your home.

Can money really flow out through the drains of your bathroom?

Yesterday I met with yet another client who kept all her drains closed and her bathroom doors shut because she had “heard” that her money will flow out of through the drains and the toilets in  her house.  

This is of course silly non-sense that is perpetuated by people (even Feng Shui consultants) who don’t understand the origin of this concept.                      

In ancient China (and in China today) the bathrooms were rudimentary at best.  Often they are outhouses with crude holes in the ground where one squats to “do their business”.  Sorry for the image, but those of you that have been to the far east know what I’m talking about.

For these people, the association with the bathroom is a very negative one.  In a society that strongly emphasises money with happiness and power, the Chinese associate the bathroom with all sorts of negative things (you probably would too if you had a bathroom that was a hole in the ground outside). 

The truth of the matter is that the only way you can lose money down the drains or the toilet in your bathroom is to take your wallet or purse and empty it out over the toilet and then whooooshhh  give it a flush.  Bye- bye money!  That is the ONLY way that works.

You see, never in their wildest dreams did the ancient Chinese (who created the principles of Feng Shui) envision the beautiful, clean, highly functioning bathrooms we are fortunate to have in our society today.  For them, the bathroom was a terrible awful place with negative associations.  For many of us it is a quiet place of privacy.  Some people have even turned their bathrooms into spas with whirlpool tubs and steam rooms.    

This post just illustrates the silly myths that are perpetuated in Feng Shui.  So  feel free to  open your drains proudly people!  If your money seems like it is going “down the drain” don’t blame it on your bathroom!  Take a look at your wealth and prosperity areas and how you spend your money instead…hey, is that another topic for another blog I’m sensing???  Stay tuned! 

Cathleen McCandless

A video of my work on a Master-Planned Housing Community

It had long been a dream of mine to be able to help a builder create a housing development based entirely on Feng Shui principles.      

Three years ago my dream came true, and for the next two years I helped home builder John Laing Homes create a master-planned housing community based on Feng Shui principles.  I consulted with the building team on all aspects of the building and design process including architectural plans, staff training, exterior and interior design, landscaping, logos, signage, and finally, the design of the model homes.

Each of the five model homes was designed to represent one of the Five Elements in Feng Shui; Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. I worked extensively with the design team to bring as many representations of each element as possible into each one of the model homes.  The development was named “Fusion Five” after the five elements in Feng Shui.

This was one of the first developments in the United States designed with Feng Shui principles in mind.  It was a delight and an honor to work with such an amazing, visionary team. 

You can see a slide show of my work on my Facebook Fan Page, click my Facebook Link Below  to see the video and to become a fan of San Diego Feng Shui.  Enjoy!


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Video from my Television Show about Feng Shui and Water Features

 Check out a video from my show “Feng Shui Living” talking about using water features inside and out.  Click here to see the clip: