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Easy Feng Shui Tips for Every Room of the House

I stumbled across this great picture with numbers for the different areas of the home and it inspired me to do a walk-through (by number) of the different areas of your home. The numbers in the picture are a bit random, but it is a fun way to present some quick tips on how you can optimize each area. Ready, here goes!

1. Bathroom: Don’t believe what you may hear about the bathroom in feng shui. Your money does NOT flow out your drains or your toilet! That is nonsense! In order to have a comfortable bathroom, choose warm earth tone colors and add fluffy, soft towels for added comfort.

2. Garage: For many of us, the garage is our first impression when we return home. Keep it neat and organized. Opt for closed cabinets to store items to give a sense of peace when the garage door goes up instead of chaos.

3. Bedroom: Make sure to position your bed so that  you have a clear view of the door instead of being directly in-line with the door. You will relax better knowing that you can easily see when someone enters the room. Continue reading