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Five Easy Ways to Create a More Relaxing Home Environment

Everyone these days is in a hurry. We want things to be quick, and we want them to be easy. So with this concept in mind, I’m sharing with you my five quick and easy ways to create a home of beauty and comfort.

1. Use Natural Materials
    Our relationship to the outside world is rooted in millions of years of relying on  materials from nature for our survival. We are still hard-wired to respond to nature and natural materials. Therefore, in order to evoke a feeling of comfort in your home, ditch the synthetic, man-made materials (plastic, polyester, nylon etc.) and opt for materials from nature (wood, stone, wool, silk). Not only do they look and feel better, but they are healthier too.
2. Minimize Sharp Edges and Points
Being pointed at is rude in every country on earth. The reason being pointed at is rude is because when things are pointed at us we feel defensive. Additionally, right angles and straight lines don’t exist in nature, so instinctively we feel most comfortable with soft rounded lines. Choose furniture with round corners instead of points and avoid plants that feel spiky or sharp and your space will instantly feel more relaxing and comfortable.

3. Let the Sun Shine In Sunlight is an essential component in having good feng shui. Full-spectrum light helps our bodies to produce hormones that regulate mood and keep us happy. Use mirrors positioned to reflect the light that comes in from windows to help brighten dark spaces. Continue reading