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Color & Feng Shui

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In my many years as a feng shui consultant I’m often asked, “What color should I paint this room?” My response is always the same, “Any colors that make you feel happy and comfortable.” The client is often surprised by my answer because often people mistakenly think that if they paint their home some special “feng shui colors” they will make more money, fall in love, or get a better job. Of course this simply isn’t true or everyone would be doing it all the time.

    Painting or decorating your home in specific colors hoping to change your destiny is as silly as it sounds. This is another one of the myths and misunderstandings that is often promoted by feng shui practitioners and authors alike. The truth is, while there are colors associated with the elements of feng shui, they were never meant to be the colors you needed to decorate your home. The real relationship color has to feng shui is how the colors you use make you feel. The reactions and feelings people have towards colors are as unique as the individual perceiving them.
    We choose colors based on personal preference, cultural influences, trends, and often, by what looks good on us. Even our childhood experiences with certain colors will have an impact on how we feel when confronted with them. For example, when I was little my mother made me where a LOT of navy blue because she thought it looked good on me. To this day I hate the color navy blue. Even though it is a good color on me, I don’t own even one navy blue piece of clothing and you won’t find it decorating my home either. I simply don’t like it because I was forced to wear it so often in childhood.

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Feng Shui and House Blessings

Please note that ALL of the articles in my blog are written by me and are copyright protected. Plagerism is theft and I take it very seriously! Thank you for your understanding! The following article appears in my November 2015 Newsletter as well as portions from my best-selling book, Feng Shui that Makes Sense.

       In past newsletter issues and in my book Feng Shui that Makes Sense, I have taught you the importance of doing periodic space clearings (click here to read about space clearing). Space clearings are crucial to the success of your feng shui because they remove old energetic residue from past occupants, events, and emotions and make way for better, positive energy and experiences. Once a space clearing has been completed, it is important to conduct a house blessing.

     While a space clearing erases an energetic imprint, a house blessing creates an energetic imprint. The purpose of a house blessing is to set the intention for your home by consciously welcoming positive, loving energy into your space in order to make the experience of living there as optimal as possible. The clearer you can be with your thoughts and your intentions, the better you and your space will feel. A home is far more than just a place of shelter; it’s an energetic environment that can impact daily living—either positively or negatively. Happiness, security, love, health, success, friendship, safety, and financial well-being are just some of the aspects that can be influenced by a house blessing.
     Don’t worry too much about correct procedure when blessing your home. There’s no right or wrong way to conduct a house blessing. You can keep it simple or conduct something elaborate. For some people, a house blessing is religious or spiritual in nature. For others, it’s not. The blessing can be almost anything you want it to be. For example, you can imagine your house filled with beautiful white light or with angels bringing positive and loving energy. Some people read a prayer, a poem, or a meaningful passage from a book, while others enjoy playing music or singing a favorite song. A clear heart and a loving intention are all that’s required to conduct a successful house blessing.

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Feng Shui for Abundance


Not surprisingly, abundance is an aspect of life that almost all of my clients wish to concentrate on during their home or business appointments. While feng shui can assist with energy flow and stress reduction, it (unfortunately) can’t solve all our problems or undo poor decision making and choices. That said, there are ways to increase the positive energy in your home or business in order to make the most of the energy that is available to bring abundance into your space. The rest is up to you!

    Here are eleven things you can do to help align your surroundings for greater abundance.
1. Get Rid of Clutter
We all know the feeling of lightness and joy that de-cluttering can bring. In order to free up the energy in your space, get rid of anything that you don’t want, love, need, or use. When you hold onto an object you no longer use “just in case” you may need it some day, you are energetically telling the Universe that you don’t trust it to take care of you. If you need that object later, you can always get another one. For now, toss it, donate it, or gift it.
2. Live Abundantly
Drink your tea or coffee out of a beautiful cup in the morning to start your day off with luxury. Go to a discount home store and purchase the fluffiest bath towel you can find. When you get out of the tub or shower each day you are going to enjoy the sensuous luxury a towel like that brings. This will help you create the mindset of deserving, accepting, and welcoming more luxury and abundance into your life.
3. Create a Vision Board and an Affirmation for Abundance
Vision Boards are incredibly effective when done correctly. Make a vision board of all the items that remind you of having abundance in your life and hang it some place where you can see it every day. Work on saying, “I welcome, accept, and deserve positive abundance in my life.” This way you’re not limiting the way abundance comes to you, but you are making sure that the abundance you are drawing in is positive. You don’t want to draw in an abundance of negative, so be specific!
4. Fix Things that are Broken
When items aren’t working properly they create stress and frustration in our lives. Repair or replace anything that needs to be improved and feel the difference in your life as things move more smoothly.
5. Invite Nature into Your Home
Flowers, plants, pretty stones, etc. all remind us of the abundance found in nature. Don’t forget to spend some time each day outdoors appreciating the abundance that nature provides us.
6. Practice Gratitude Every Day
In my opinion, this is the most important thing of all. Make sure to start and end your day by appreciating five things that you are grateful for. Gratitude puts you in a state of “having” rather than lacking and creates energy to bring more into your life to be grateful for.
7. Conduct a Space Clearing on Your Home
Chapter 9 in my book explains in detail how to conduct a space clearing. It is vital to remove old energy from your space to allow fresh energy to come in. You can purchase the space clearing energy chimes by clicking here.

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Feng Shui Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

sle09Have you ever had trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? The Center for Disease Control estimates that 50 to 70 million adults in America suffer from some kind of sleeping disorder. If you, or someone you know is experiencing sleep problems, these five feng shui tips may help.

1. Position your Bed Correctly 
Feng Shui addresses factors in our surroundings that trigger our survival instincts. When our surroundings feel safe we are able to relax. When we feel vulnerable, we become more tense. If your bed is positioned too close to the door, or in a position where you can’t see the door when you are lying down, you may feel more vulnerable and less able to sleep. To remedy this, place your bed in the room so that you can see the door and not be in direct line with it. This position allows your survival instincts to calm down because you’ll be able to see who enters the room and still  be far enough away to be able to protect yourself if necessary.

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De-Stress Your Home with Feng Shui


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     Do you ever come home exhausted from a long day and just wanting to plop down and relax? How can you make your home a place of relaxation and rejuvenation?  Numerous studies by psychologists, psychologists, and even cellular biologists have proven that our surroundings deeply impact our bodies, minds, and spirits. In an ever-increasing stressful world, having a home of relaxation, beauty, and comfort is more important than ever. Here are six quick and easy ways to bring more relaxation into your home and into your life.

 Add Plants and Flowers

Rutgers University did a lengthy study on the effect flowers have onplfl93 human emotion. The result of the study was that when we see flowers, our bodies respond by releasing “happy” hormones like serotonin and dopamine. The University of Washington also did a study on the effect houseplants have on human behavior and found that productivity went up 28%, blood pressure decreased, and positive moods increased. Additionally, some plants actually work to purify the air and reduce harmful electrical fields. Keep your plants healthy and they’ll help to keep you happy.

Let the sun shine in!

When exposed to sunlight our bodies produce “happy” hormones that help regulate mood and sleep patterns. If you have rooms in your home that have no access to natural light (think windowless bathrooms and kitchens), then replace the regular light bulbs with full-spectrum alternatives. Full-spectrum light bulbs mimic the natural light spectrum. You’ll see that the light in the room will be cleaner and crisper, the colors in the room will be brighter instead of yellow and dingy,  and you’ll feel better too! Full-spectrum bulbs come in LED energy-efficient styles and they make them to fit almost every size outlet, including fluorescent fixtures. Check online or at your local home improvement store to purchase.

Minimize Sharp Points and Angles

Sharp points and corners make us feel defensive and tense. When choosing furniture, opt for rounded corners instead of sharp right angles. Choose plants that have soft leaves and avoid those with thorns or spikes. Your room will feel calmer and more relaxed with these small changes.

Clean up the Mess!cl

Having too much “stuff” around can make us feel distracted and unorganized. It can also make us feel guilty (“I should clear off that counter, I should organize the garage, I should donate those old books to the library, etc., etc.) You get the picture. Donate, gift, sell, or toss those items that you no longer want, love, need, or use, and you’ll be amazed at how much more relaxed you and your home will feel.
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Creating an Outdoor Living Space with Feng Shui


grnpat94Ten Ways to Make the Most of your Outdoor Areas

1. Provide comfortable seating I know that this should be a no-brainer, yet I often find that people will choose hard, uncomfortable outdoor furniture and wonder why they don’t sit outside more often or for longer periods of time. Outdoor furniture should have arms and backs (this makes people feel more secure and relaxed while seated). If you have hard seats, purchase some cushions and pillows. You can get these relatively inexpensively at discount stores and be sure to stock up on these for next year at the end of the summer when things go on sale. Consider too, adding a hammock or swing to your outdoor seating for a comfortable, fun seating alternative.

2. Add a water feature  The soothing sound of water is a wonderful addition to an outdoor living area, particularly as the weather heats up. It doesn’t need to be an elaborate pond or pool. An inexpensive outdoor fountain will do the trick. If you don’t have outdoor electricity, then run an all-weather extension cord from the house when you’re entertaining. You’ll be amazed at how much the water will add to the ambience of sitting outside. Just MAKE SURE not to place your water feature too close to the south meridian point of your home. The south is the Fame meridian and water is undesirable in this area. If you don’t know where the south meridian is, then pick up a copy of my book and it will show you how to figure this out.

3. Provide areas of shade One of my friends has a lovely backyard area and always wants her guest to sit out there, however there is not a speck of shade so those who wish to avoid sitting in the sun have no choice. Patio umbrellas, shade trees, and awnings strategically placed will offer relief on hot, sunny days. Continue reading

What Feng Shui has Taught Me About Life

people first start practicing feng shui, they frequently expect sudden, dramatic changes; as if feng shui was some kind of magic wand that will grant them all their wishes and solve all their problems. These people are often disappointed when they didn’t get the job that they wanted, when the person they’ve been wanting to date isn’t interested, or that they didn’t win the lottery after purchasing a lottery ticket. Disillusioned, then turn around and say that feng shui doesn’t work and dismiss this beautiful, ancient system entirely. What they have failed to  understand is that when done properly, feng shui DOES work, just not in the way they may have expected.
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How to Balance the Look and Feel of Any Room

I like to say that Goldilocks was the first famous feng shui consultant because Goldilocks knew that anything that was too hard, too soft, too hot, too cold, too big or too little just didn’t feel right. The same is true in feng shui. Whenever you describe a room in your house as “too _______” (dark, cluttered, small, cold, etc.) you can easily identify what needs to be changed in the room in order to make it feel better.

Balance and harmony are an important part of having good feng shui. Often we know a room doesn’t feel right, but we don’t know exactly what is going on or how to remedy it. One easy way to know what is going on in a space is to use what I call the “Goldilocks Principle”. When the word “too” is used to describe a room’s features, it is a clue to what needs to be changed in order to make the room look and feel better.


For example, the owner of the home pictured above might have described their living room as “too dark”, “too dated”, “too cluttered” and “too small”. From this description it is easy to figure out what needs to be done to remedy these things by simply using the opposite words to describe it. In other words, the room needs to be lighter, updated, organized and bigger.

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Essential Oils and Diffuser: Amazing Offer

Receive Over $360 worth of Essential Oils and a Diffuser for only $150!
     An important part of having good feng shui is having a healthy home. I am astonished at how many homes I go into that use artificial scent (plug-ins, scented candles, sticks, potpourri and more). The problem with these items is that they are made from chemicals and can be highly toxic.
      Most of you know how much I love therapeutic essential oils. They are a phenomenal, healthy alternative to artificial scent. They not only make your home smell wonderful, they actually work to keep you and your family healthier in body, mind, and spirit.
    This month I wanted to share with my readers and amazing offer where you can receive $360 worth of essential oils products (including a diffuser) for $150. I’ve been with this company since it began almost 20 years ago and know first-hand that the quality and integrity of this company and these oils is unsurpassed. I don’t “work” the business (I don’t email, call, or pester people) but I wanted to share this offer with you because it is too good to pass up.
    Therapeutic-Grade essential oils have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-microbial properties. When diffused in a room they can help kill germs while enhancing one’s body, mind, & spirit. I do use these oils daily and I can’t imagine my life without them. Scroll down to see what the offer includes and how to order it.
    Here is what the Offer Includes:
Home Diffuser (Retails for $98.60)
Young Living’s newly designed Home Diffuser combines a humidifier, air purifier, atomizer, and aromatherapy diffuser into one product that safely releases essential oils into the air to eliminate odors and create a spa-like atmosphere. This is the BEST way to diffuse oils. It doesn’t heat the oil so you will receive the maximum therapeutic value of the oil. The diffuser also comes with free  5 ml bottles of citrus fresh and peppermint essential oils.

Dimensions: Height – approximately 170 mm, Width – approximately 135 mm
Home Diffuser (PDF)
Home Diffuser Operation Manual

Everyday Oils Essential Oil Collection (Retails for $163.16)
Ensure you’ll always have the benefits of Young Living’s therapeutic-grade essential oils on hand with our brand new, 10-oil Everyday Oils collection.
The oils in this select collection will provide ongoing support for your home, health, and body. Enjoy the relaxing benefits of lavender and Peace & Calming, the cleansing power of Thieves and Purification, the comforting touch of Valor and PanAway, the uplifting properties of the newly added Joy essential oil blend, and much more.

Everyday Oils Essential Oil Collection includes:
1 – 5 ml Joy
1 – 5 ml Frankincense
1 – 5 ml Lemon
1 – 5 ml Lavender
1 – 5 ml Peppermint
1 – 5 ml Purification
1 – 5 ml Panaway
1 – 5 ml Peace & Calming®
1 – 5 ml Thieves®

10-count Sample Packs of Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Thieves®, and Peace & Calming® (Retails for $59.31)
Enjoy the benefits of 100% pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. Includes all 5 oils! Great for travel!!

Young Living’s Stress Away™ (Retails for $39.14)  essential oil blend is a natural solution created to combat normal stresses that creep into everyday life. Stress Away is the first product to contain the unique stress-relieving combination of lime and vanilla pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. Stress Away also includes copaiba and lavender to reduce mental rigidity and restore equilibrium. Featuring powerful plant constituents, such as the cedrol found in cedarwood and the eugenol that occurs naturally in vanilla, Stress Away can help induce relaxation and reduce occasional nervous tension.* Includes a roller ball so you can put it on temples and other areas to relieve tension.

You get ALL of these items as well as information on how to use them for only $150!!
    You are basically getting the diffuser and some of the oils for free, plus you will be able to order any oils you want from then on at wholesale prices. This is a huge savings over the retail prices. With the holidays coming up, this is a great way to order gifts that people will love while saving a lot of money.
    I want to assure you once again that I don’t “work” this business. There is no obligation of any kind to purchase any more products (ever), no monthly fee, and no monthly requirements. Essentially there is no “catch” to this offer. I am not going to bug you, harass you, call  you or email you ever about these oils. If you have questions I’m happy to answer them, but I won’t be bothering you in any way, shape or form. I wouldn’t risk my integrity or reputation if this wasn’t the case. I just want to make this offer to my students, friends, and readers because it is such an amazing deal and I don’t know how much longer it will be offered.
    Ordering is very simple, just follow these steps:
  • Click Here to go to the link
  • To the left of my photo click where it says, “Sign up Here”
  • Choose the option “Sign up as a Wholesale Member”
  • My sponsor ID number should already be filled in, but in case it’s not, it is 18339
  • Fill out the information in “Step One”
  • When you get to “Step Two” choose the first item “Premium Starter Kit ($150). This has everything I mentioned above contained in the kit.
  • Under Step Two is “Step Three (optional): Pick your Essential Rewards Kit”. You DO NOT need to order this! Simply go under the pictures and choose “No Thank You”
  • Complete the rest of the information on the page and click “next” to review and place your order.
    Once you’ve placed your order it should arrive in 5 to 7 business days. If you ever want to order any oils in the future you will now have your own Young Living Number and PIN number enabling you to get the wholesale price instead of paying retail. It’s that simple. Order now before the offer is no longer available, and please feel free to email me if you have any questions! I know you’ll love these oils as much as I do so please take advantage of this offer while it lasts.

Feng Shui and Furniture

living room

Basic Guidelines for the Living Room, Bedroom and Office

Some people have a natural sense of decorating. They seem to instinctively know what to put where, and how to arrange things, “just so” in order to make a room look and feel wonderful. Other people need more help (thank goodness, or I’d be out of a job!) Below you’ll find some basic furnishing tips for three key rooms to help you choose and place furniture for each room to help make the space function, feel, and look its best.

Living Room/Family Room/ Great Room

Furnishings: I personally LOVE sectionals. They are great pieces of furniture because they allow the most people to sit comfortably in an arrangement that feels cozy and inviting. Sectionals help define a space, which is very helpful in a great room or a living room that also includes a dining area. Avoid sectionals with the attached chaise lounge as they make arranging the furniture more difficult and also provide an area for only one person to sit. Instead, purchase an ottoman coffee table. This versatile piece of furniture can be used for storage, as a coffee table, a foot rest for the whole family to use when watching TV, and provides extra seating when large groups come to visit.

In general, it’s best to choose neutral colors for Continue reading