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Feng Shui Tips for Love & Romance

Feng Shui Tips for Love & Romance

An area most of my clients want to especially focus on during their Feng Shui consultation is how they can improve their love and romantic life.  Since February is the month associated with love, I have included ways you can Feng Shui your home for love and romance. 

1.  Find the Southwest area of your home.  This is your “Love and Romance” area.  In order to enhance this area, choose artwork that displays pairs of things (two people, two cats, two birds, etc.).  In fact, it is a good idea to maintain objects and artwork in pairs rather than single items or images of single things.  Items arranged in threes are undesirable as this symbolically brings a third party into the relationship.

2.   Keep clutter out of the Master Bedroom as well as the Southwest part of your home in order to keep the energies of love and romance flowing freely.

3.  For more romance, add romantic fabrics to your space.  Silk, velvet, satin, and other luxurious textiles evoke sensuality.

4.  Candles and low lighting sets the mood.  In fact candlelight is the most flattering light to be seen in for most people.

5.  Shades of red, pink, and deep purples promote feelings of passion.

6.  Make sure you have a nightstand on both sides of the bed, even if you are single.  This will help you make room for another person in your life.

7.  Remove anything in your home that reminds you of past or failed relationships.  This especially applies to old mattresses!

8.  If you have small children, make sure to create a “Kid-Free Zone”.  These are areas (such as the Master bedroom) where children’s toys, pictures, and other items are not allowed.  It is very important that the couple has a space to just be the couple, rather than “Mom and Dad”. 

 9.  Keep pictures of other people (anyone besides the couple) out of the master bedroom.  Pictures of other people can reduce the feeling of privacy and intimacy in a bedroom.

10. The element for the Southwest is earth (rock, stone, tile, etc.).  One of the easiest ways to bring stone into this area is by adding a pair of Rose Quartz hearts in the Southwest area.  The rose quartz hearts are available for sale by clicking here.