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Feng Shui for Love and Romance

This article is taken from my March 2018 newsletter. To read the newsletter in its entirety, please click here. 

Feng Shui is a wonderful tool for freeing up the energy in your life so things will flow more smoothly. While it (unfortunately) can’t solve all romantic woes, it can help create a more positive environment for love to grow. Whether you are single and looking for a relationship or already involved with someone, Feng Shui can help you increase the positive flow of energy for love and romance. Below are ten tips to get you started.
1. Locate the Southwest meridian point in your home.
Find the location inside your house where the Southwest meridian point intersects theouter wall of your home. If you don’t know how to do this, you’ll find easy-to-follow directions in my book,Feng Shui that Makes Sense. This is your “Love and Romance” location. The element that stimulates the energy of  the Southwest is earth (rock, stone, tile, etc.).You can use regular stones and minerals, items made from earth like ceramic, pottery, cement, quartz, granite, etc., or statuary and figurines made of earth.  Remember that in feng shui, and especially on the partnership meridian, we like to have things grouped in “pairs”, so be sure to have two items made of earth in this area instead of one.
2. Choose artwork carefully. In order to enhance romance, choose artwork that feels romantic. Ideally have pieces that display images of pairs of things (two people, two cats, two birds, etc.).  It’s a good idea to maintain objects and artwork in pairs rather than single items or images of single things.  Items should be arranged in pairs throughout the house and not just in the southwest. Avoid putting items in threes as the subliminal message is that there should be three people in the relationship instead of two; something most people definitely don’t want in a relationship! When things are grouped in pairs it reminds the subconscious that “two’ is a number that we’d like to manifest in our romantic life instead of the lonely number one.

3. Use romantic fabrics. For more romance, add romantic fabrics to your space.  Silk, velvet, satin, and other luxurious textiles evoke sensuality. Make sure bedding is soft and cozy. Beautiful drapes that touch the floor are a great way to add the feeling of romance to any room.

4. Dim the lights. Candles and low lighting sets the stage for a romantic mood.  In fact candlelight is the most flattering light to be seen in. Put lights on dimmers to be able to control the amount of lighting in a space when love is in the air! Battery-operated candles are a safe alternative to traditional ones.

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Feng Shui for Your Health


This article is taken from my April 2017 Newsletter To read the newsletter in its entirety, please click here. Please note that all material on this page and in the newsletter is copyright protected.

Often when we think of feng shui and health,  we think of the physical aspects of our homes that may be unhealthy and/or  dangerous (like exposure to high electromagnetic frequencies, toxic mold, artificial scents, etc).  While these factors are very important and certainly necessary,  many of us don’t stop to consider how the look and feel of our surroundings also influence our mental, physical and emotional health.

    Cellular biologists and behavioral scientists are creating an ever-growing body of evidence that supports what feng shui has known for centuries; that our surroundings deeply affect the our bodies, minds, and spirits. Humans, animals and plants have specific environmental requirements in order to survive in their physical environments.  When those needs are met, the species thrives and prospers. When specific environmental factors are missing or damaged, the living creatures in those spaces will experience stress, deteriorate and potentially even die.
    Feng shui strives to reduce and eliminate aspects in the environment that are not contributing to emotional and physical health.  The main goal of Feng Shui is to create a space that feels nurturing and comfortable. One of the most important health perks that Feng Shui assists with is reducing stress.  With stress-related illnesses topping the list for health concerns today, Feng Shui can certainly go a long way to help us reduce the tension in our lives.
Our homes are places that should soothe, rejuvenate, and restore our bodies, minds, and spirits. Feng Shui provides us with an abundance of guidelines on how you can  make your home a more peaceful, healthy space, here are ten great tips to get you started.
1. Invite nature and natural materials into your home.  Humans have lived in nature for far, far longer than we’ve lived indoors. We’re instinctively more comfortable around items that come from nature rather than things that are synthetic.  Include items made from stone and wood, and add water features and healthy plants to your space. Views of trees, natural landscapes, and artwork of nature scenes will also bring the outdoors in and make your home feel nurturing and inspiring.

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Easy Feng Shui Tips for Every Room of the House

I stumbled across this great picture with numbers for the different areas of the home and it inspired me to do a walk-through (by number) of the different areas of your home. The numbers in the picture are a bit random, but it is a fun way to present some quick tips on how you can optimize each area. Ready, here goes!

1. Bathroom: Don’t believe what you may hear about the bathroom in feng shui. Your money does NOT flow out your drains or your toilet! That is nonsense! In order to have a comfortable bathroom, choose warm earth tone colors and add fluffy, soft towels for added comfort.

2. Garage: For many of us, the garage is our first impression when we return home. Keep it neat and organized. Opt for closed cabinets to store items to give a sense of peace when the garage door goes up instead of chaos.

3. Bedroom: Make sure to position your bed so that  you have a clear view of the door instead of being directly in-line with the door. You will relax better knowing that you can easily see when someone enters the room. Continue reading

Book Signing Event: Sunday, October 16th at Warwick’s Books in La Jolla, California

You’re invited to my book signing event!

WHAT: Book Signing Event for Feng Shui that Makes Sense; Easy Ways to Create a Home that FEELS as Good as it Looks

WHEN: Sunday, October 16th, 2011 from Noon until 2pm

WHERE:                                                                                                            Warwick’s Book Store                                                                                                     7812 Girard Avenue La Jolla, CA  92037                                                                         (858) 454-0347

ABOUT: I have been asked to sign copies of my best-selling book,
Feng Shui that Makes Sense,
Easy Ways to Create a Home that FEELS as Good as it Looks at Warwick’s Books this coming Sunday from noon until
2:00pm.                                                                                                                                                                           Warwick’s is the oldest family-owned book store in the country,
and hosts the most famous authors and celebrities in the world including,
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Come and spend this Sunday afternoon in beautiful La Jolla,
California and pick up a personally signed copy of the book at
Warwick’s between noon and 2:00. With it’s beautiful shops, delicious
restaurants, and gorgeous beaches, spending an afternoon in La Jolla is always
a special treat.

I look forward to seeing you!                                                                                          Best Wishes,                                                                                                                   Cathleen McCandless

Beautiful La Jolla, California

La Jolla

Does Feng Shui Really Work?

It’s so funny. You’d think after doing this work for twenty years my answer to that question would be an  unequivocal, “Yes! Of course it works!” But once in a while the Universe gives me a lesson to remind me first-hand that when feng shui is applied to a space correctly, it does indeed free up the energy that  brings positive changes into our lives. Yes indeed, even the “Feng Shui Lady” needs a lesson from time to time. Here are two stories I’m going to tell on myself and my own personal experiences with feng shui in my own home.

A while back I got a bouncing, barking, baby puppy. He was so cute and at the same time so much work. Just like any baby, my puppy went through a chewing stage. Anything he could sink his little chompers into was fair game for a chew toy. Because of his prolific chewing activities, I decided that the electrical cords in one particular area of my home posed a potential deadly threat to my ever-curious puppy. To protect him I put a metal “puppy gate” around the area where the majority of the cords were. When I did that I didn’t stop to think about what “feng shui area” this part of the house was. I just plopped the puppy gate down and forgot about it.

A couple of months passed. My time had been consumed with taking care of my very active puppy and putting the final touches on my book before it went to press. During this time I noticed that my income started declining. Yes I know all about the current state of the economy, but this was different. This was an unusual dip in finances that was starting to move past a “dip” and was becoming more of a canyon. I started getting worried. Then I thought, “If I were my client, what would I tell myself?” The answer was, “Look at the southeast (wealth) sector and see if anything is going on there that shouldn’t be.” My wealth sector happens to fall in the exact location where I had placed the puppy gate a couple of months ago (around the same time my finances became stressed.) You see, growing wood (i.e. a healthy plant) is the needed element for the southeast meridian. In the Chinese 5 Element Cycle, Metal (the puppy gate) energetically destroys the needed element (wood). When I realized that I had placed the metal gate in the area where metal was the worst element, I removed it immediately (luckily the puppy was past his chewing stage by then). Sure enough, within a week finances began to improve and in a couple of weeks were back to where they were before the ” Puppy Gate  Incident”.

  The next story I’m going to tell on myself is similar to the one I just mentioned, only this time it has to do with the north (career) sector. My career sector (the north meridian) falls exactly in my guest bathroom, which is fine, because water is the main element for career energy. In feng shui, when we add water to an area we need to make sure the water is circulating. This is why a table top fountain is so ideal in the north. That said, for almost ten years my live-in boyfriend used that bathroom as “his” bathroom. The daily use of that bathroom kept the water circulating and there was no need for a fountain. During that time my career had really taken off. I had more appointments than I could book, starred in a television series, and had risen to the top of my field. Then three years ago we came to the decision to go our separate ways. He moved out and the guest bathroom went back to being a guest bathroom and was only used very occasionally. Truth be told, during that time my career had begun to stall. Big contracts were fewer and farther between, class sizes got smaller and the frequency of my appointments went from sometimes up to three in a day to sometimes three in a week. I blamed it on the economy and kept plugging away, “hoping” it would get better.

 Finally (I’m a bit slow on the uptake sometimes),  like the incident with the puppy gate, I decided to look at my home the way I would with a client. Was there anything amiss in my career area that I had overlooked or unthinkingly changed? Then it dawned on me. My career started slowing down shortly after my boyfriend moved out. The guest bathroom went from being used every day to being used maybe once a week. As a result, the water in that area became stagnant instead of circulating. A lightbulb went on in my head. (DUH!) I needed to put a fountain in that bathroom as soon as possible. Guess what? Within two weeks after I put the fountain in that bathroom, my career went into the stratosphere! Suddenly my appointment book was full, big contracts were once again flowing in, and I was back to where I was three years before. If only this had dawned on me sooner!

I know what you’re thinking…the “Feng Shui Lady” should have known this all along, but the truth of the matter is that we all get used to the way our houses are. We place something (or remove something) without thinking of its impact on the overall energy of the feng shui our home. I also think there is a deeper meaning here. In order for me to be able to help my clients, I MUST know that what I do has truth and validity. My experiences in my own life and in my own home are true testimonies to the power of feng shui!

      To keep your home on its feng shui toes, be sure to pick up a copy of my book, “Feng Shui that Makes Sense, Easy Ways to Create a Space that FEELS as Good as it Looks”. Take it from me, this stuff  really works!! Enjoy your day! -Cathleen

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