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Does your house ever leave you feeling blah, or uninspired? So much of the time we get used to the things in our homes that we don’t even notice them any more, yet it is often the very things that we have gotten used to that need to be changed or spruced up in order to give our homes (and us) a lift. Here are some easy and inexpensive ways to freshen up the look of your home.

Slipcovers are better than ever. Stretchy fabrics cover couches and chairs in ways that make them look brand new without looking like they are slip covered. It will look like you splurged on new furniture without the cost.

Artwork can become boring and uninspiring, and may not reflect the interests or tastes we have as they change over time. Go to art.com for a huge selection of inexpensive art. You can shop from the comfort of your home and be sure you’ll find a piece that fits your taste, your wall, and your budget!feng shui tips 2

 Area rugs are great ways to give a room a new color scheme and a fresh look. You can use the colors in the rug to add accents to the room with pillows, candles, and accessories to tie the room together. Don’t be afraid to put an area rug over a carpet. It is a much less expensive alternative to replacing an old carpet and will give a tired room new vibrancy. 

New Hardware and Fixtures can bring fresh life to a kitchen or bathroom. Door handles, drawer pulls, and even inexpensive light fixtures will update the look of these rooms in no time.earth house bedroom

 Linens need to be replaced from time to time in order to feel fresh. Bathroom and kitchen towels and bedding are much less expensive at discount stores. New color accents can be easily changed along with the linens. Consider donating the old ones to animal shelters. They are always in need of towels and blankets and they will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Moving Items from one room to another can help change things up. Consider taking some of your decor items from one room and placing them in another to give them fresh life. Be sure to group “like” things together. In other words, group items by color, by texture, or by type instead of spreading them around the home. Your collections will look much more attractive and organized this way. You can also box up items that you are tired of looking at but not ready to get rid of and rotate them out with other items periodically to keep the scenery in the room from getting too boring.

Update photos for a fresh perspective. Now with digital photos it is easier than ever to print out and change photos as the mood strikes. Consider new picture frames for old pictures and group “like” photos and frames together to keep the area from looking jumbled.

Replace half-melted candles with new ones. I can’t begin to tell you how many dusty, old, half-melted candles I see in people’s homes. If that is the case in your home, toss out the old ones and replace them with new ones. You’ll be amazed at how that little change makes a difference.

Hose off or replace silk plants because they can get faded, frayed and dusty over time. No need for expensive (and toxic) silk plant sprays. Just take the silk plant outside and hose it off. It will dry in no time and look much better than it did covered with dust. Periodically dust off live houseplants too for a look of renewed vitality.


Rearrange your furniture for a completely fresh perspective. Pull couches away from walls and place them at angles. Move a chair from one room into another, and move your desk to another position in the room. The new perspective that the furniture arrangement makes can be quite refreshing. The worst that happens is that you don’t like the new arrangement and move it back to the way you had it before. At least you got a little exercise in the process!

Change or add colored curtain panels to a window for a dramatic new feeling in a room. Drapes can add color and softness to the way the room feels.

Purchase mirror frame kits for an attractive, and more sophisticated-looking bathroom mirror without the expense of replacing it. Mirror frame kits come in a huge variety of types and colors, and are easily installed. Look for them at your local home improvement store.

Paint a whole room or an accent wall to renew the feeling in any room. It will completely change the way the room looks and feels and greatly add to a fresh, new feeling in the home.

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Add colorful flowers to the front yard and entry for a cheerful greeting. Studies show that people are soothed and uplifted by images of nature, particularly flowers. The happy colors can brighten up a dull landscape, and they will bring fresh life into tired locations.

Look at each room with fresh eyes instead of just glancing at it. Do you really love and enjoy everything in it? If not, what needs to be replaced, repaired, or removed in order to make it more pleasing? Small changes can make a big difference in the way a room, and in turn you, feel.  With a little creativity and some smart shopping, you can have the look and feel of new decor without smashing your piggy bank in the process.

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