Do You Have Good Feng Shui?


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Does your home have good feng shui?  Take this simple quiz and find out!
Here’s a very simple checklist to let you know how your home rates on having good feng shui. Simply answer yes or no to any of these questions and keep a tally of your answers. Don’t overthink it, just answer honestly. You can see how you did at the end.

1. Do your spirits rise when you arrive home?
Your home should be a sanctuary and a place that brings you peace and happiness. Make sure that the exterior of your home is peaceful and attractive. Something as simple as adding a new doormat or a pot of bright flowers can do the trick.

2. Do you live only with things you love?
If you are living with furnishings or décor that are uncomfortable, hold unhappy memories or associations, or you simply don’t like, you will experience negative feelings in your home. Let go of or replace items that don’t bring you joy.

3. Is your artwork positive?
Believe it or not, the artwork you display in your home can be a strong reflection of how you feel about your life. Be sure that the images are positive and uplifting.

4. Is everything in good working condition?
Feng shui strives to eliminate sources of stress in our lives. Things like sticking doors, burned out light bulbs and broken appliances add up to unnecessary stressors. Attend to things that need to be fixed and feel the relief!

5. Does your home feel organized overall?
Your home doesn’t have to be perfectly picked up all the time to feel good, but if you live in a constant state of disorder it can lead to feelings of overwhelm and depression. If clutter is an issue, tackle one area at a time and keep at it until you get the job done. Once your house is in order you’ll feel more positive and productive.

6. Do you love all the rooms in your home?
Many people have at least one room that they dislike and sometimes even avoid in their home. In my book, Feng Shui that Makes Sense I have a room balancing checklist to help you sort out what needs to be changed in rooms like those. Sometimes the smallest changes can bring the biggest results!

7. Do you feel inspired to make improvements to your home?
Being inspired to make improvements in your home is an indicator that you still feel an affinity for where you live. If you find yourself uninspired it can mean that it’s time for a move to a new place, a new décor, or something else. Frequently a space clearing will help with feelings of being stuck or uninspired. To find out how to conduct a space clearing, click here.

8. Do you feel that your home is a positive reflection of yourself?
Like it or not, our homes speak volumes about ourselves. What is your home saying about you? If the message isn’t positive, pay attention to what needs to be changed in order to make it feel like a positive reflection of yourself.

9. Do you feel safe in your home?
A very important aspect of having good feng shui is creating a space of comfort and safety. It is very difficult to relax in your home if you feel vulnerable. Attend to anything in your home that makes you feel unsafe. Install locks, alarm systems, gates, etc. to improve feelings of safety and security at home.

10. Does your current home fit your life’s circumstances?
Is your home too big, too small, too expensive, too far away, too anything? If so, then it may be time for a change. Living in a space that isn’t right for you can really impact your quality of life over time. Be realistic about your current living situation and decide whether or not you need to make some big changes. If so, start to develop a game plan on how to make those changes happen down the road. Remember that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

So how did you do?

8-10 yes answers: Your home has good feng shui; at least to you it does, and that’s all that counts! You probably feel very positive about where you live, which is very, very important.

5-7 yes answers: While your feelings about your home are mostly positive, there’s always room for improvement. Look back at the questions you answered “no” to and see what you can do to make things better.

3-5 yes answers: It could be that you feel overwhelmed by all you need to do to make your home feel better. Look back over the questions about and choose the one that stands out the most. Tackle that one and then move on to the next. Even changing one of those circumstances will help you feel more positive about your space.

0-2 yes answers: It may be time for a big change like a move. Sometimes a home has so many factors that aren’t right for us that it’s better to find a new place and start over. Before you make any big moves however, be sure to read my book and/or take my free online class “Choosing a New Home with Feng Shui” to make sure that you’ll find a place that’s right for you.

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