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Many of us make resolutions for the new year with the hope and intention that things in our lives will somehow improve. In order to help you identify what is, and is not working in your life, I have developed a questionnaire that I call The Life Assessment Inventory. This questionnaire will help you narrow down and prioritize what you feel needs to be improved most in your life. Once you have identified these areas, you can use the energy of feng shui to help you make improvements and reach your goals.

    Rate the answers to each question below from 1-10. 1 means that there is a lot of room for improvement, and 10 means that you’re really happy with the situation. Don’t overthink your answers. Just write down the first number that comes to you. Remember that life is dynamic and changes all the time, so the answers you write today may not be the same answers you’d write tomorrow, next week or next year. In fact, this is a great exercise to do at the beginning of a new year or new birthday year. Take the Inventory, put the date on it and put it away in a safe place. A year later take the test again and compare your results. Hopefully you’ll have improved the areas that you rated low from the year before. It’s a great way to track your goal-setting progress as well!
  Once you have your answers, circle the ones that you rated 5 or lower. These are the areas that need the most improvement and ones that you’ll want to pay special attention to as you set your personal goals and make your feng shui improvements. Match each question to the Feng Shui Life Aspiration Area that goes with it. In feng shui, different areas of life (known as Life Aspiration Areas) correspond to areas in the home based on the compass directions. Each area has an element (water, wood, fire, earth and metal) associated with it. Much like acupuncture for a building, placing the elements in their proper locations can help bring more energy to various aspects of your life.
 Ready, grab a pen and paper and let’s get started!!
 Life Assessment Inventory

Rate each question with a number value using the following scale:

Very Dissatisfied   1    2    3    4    5    6    7    8    9    10   Very Satisfied

1. Do you feel respected by the people in your personal life?

2. Do you feel respected by the people in your professional life?

3. Are you satisfied with your romantic life?

4. If you have children, do you have a good relationship with them?

5. Do you have time and space for creative activities?

6. Are you able to travel as much as you would like?

7. Is your social life as active as you wish?

8. Do you have people you can count on when you need them?

9. Do you find your current occupation emotionally satisfying?

10. Do you feel that your life has meaning and purpose?

11. Do you take time to learn new things?

12. Do you nurture yourself spiritually as much as you would like?

13. Do you take time out for rest and relaxation?

14. How are your relationships with your childhood family members?

15. If you’ve created a family of your own as an adult, would you say that it’s a happy household?

16. How do you feel about your current financial situation?

17. Is your standard of living at a level that is satisfying to you?

18. Do you have a steady income?

19. Do you enjoy good health?

20. Does everyone living in your home enjoy good health?

I’ve indicated below which questions relate to each Life Aspiration Area, what compass meridian point they are  associated with, and a suggestion of what elements to add in each location in order to improve the energy in the corresponding part of your life. Start with the areas you rated 5 or lower and progress through the rest. Remember that accuracy is very important when implementing the five elements in feng shui. Be sure to refer to my book Feng Shui that Makes Sense for step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

Questions                   Life Aspiration Area/Compass Meridian Point

1, 2                            Fame and Reputation /South
Turn on a light in the south for at least 3
hours per day. Avoid water in this area.

3                               Love & Partnership/Southwest
                                   Add items made of rock or stone in the
                                   southwest. Try to avoid live plants there.
Items grouped in “pairs” are good.

4, 5                            Creation/West
                                   Add things made of metal in the west.
Wind chimes, metal picture frames, metal
                                   furniture are good here. Avoid burning
things like candles and fireplaces here if

6, 7, 8                         Synchronicity/Northwest
                                   For a better social life or more travel,
place metal items in the northwest. The
same suggestions for the creation/west
section apply to this area as the main
element for both areas is metal.

9, 10                          Career/North
                                   Add a table top fountain in the north. The
fountain should be flowing 24/7
(unless you go out of town for more than
24 hours.) Filtered water is best for the
fountain to avoid excessive mineral
deposit. Try to minimize rock and stone
in the north if possible.

11, 12, 13                     Knowledge/Northeast
                                    Add items made of rock or stone. Try to
avoid placing a lot of large live plants
in the northeast.

14, 15                         Family/East
                                    Add healthy, growing plants and try to
avoid items made of metal as much as

16, 17, 18                    Wealth & Prosperity/Southeast
                                     Add healthy plants and try to avoid metal
in the southeast.

19, 20                          Health/Center
                                    Add items made of rock or stone in the
center of the home (amethyst is a stone
associated with health). Avoid placing
live plants here and keep the area free of

As with all things in life, you can’t just sit back and wait for feng shui to do everything for you. You must put forth the effort it will take to create positive change in order to get the results you are looking for. That said,  feng shui can certainly give your efforts an energetic boost. Give it a try. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Copyright 2017,  Cathleen McCandless, all rights reserved.


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