Five Feng Shui Tips for Love

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    The energy of love vibrates with the highest frequency of energy possible. When we have love in our lives, everything seems brighter and happier. When we feel that we are missing love, the world can seem like a lonely place. While feng shui isn’t a magic wand that will make Ms. or Mr. Right appear before your very eyes, there are things that you can do to align your home with a more loving energy. Below are five tips to help you do that.

1. Let Go of the Past
Holding on to items that either belonged to, or remind you of a former flame can keep you stuck in the past and energetically holding on to something that no longer applies to the present. I’m always surprised at how often my clients tell me that they’d like to meet someone new, while at the same time displaying mementos and memories of past relationships in their homes.  Physically letting go of items that remind you of former loves can be a very empowering first step towards welcoming in a new, happier and healthier relationship.
2.  Energize the Southwest point in your Home
The southwest meridian is associated with Love & Romance in Feng Shui. The element that “activates” the southwest is earth (rock, stone, ceramic, minerals, etc.) In metaphysics the stone associated with love is rose quartz. Something that I like to do in the southwest is place a pair of rose quartz hearts (you can purchase a pair here) on the southwest meridian point in your home. To determine where this meridian is, see chapter 6 in my  book Feng Shui that Makes Sense . Wood is the destructive element for earth, so keep growing plants away from this point as much as possible. Be sure to keep this area free of clutter and any negative associations.

3. Be Mindful of Your Artwork

Humans are constantly picking up subtle cues from the environment which can influence thoughts and behavior patterns. People will often unconsciously decorate their home to mirror what is going on in their lives. In other words, single people tend to decorate their home with images of single things. What we think about is what we manifest. To reorient the mind towards partnership, feng shui recommends placing single items in pairs throughout the home (two candles instead of one, artwork that depicts two images instead of solo items (two birds, two cats, two trees, two people) etc. This way your subliminal mind will pick up on the idea of pairs and partnership instead of solitude and loneliness, which will in turn help to energetically manifest a partner. Avoid placing items in sets of three however, or you may draw in someone who already has someone, and very few people would be happy with that arrangement! If you are already in a relationship, be sure to display photos of the two of you taken during happy times.

4. Optimize your Bedroom
If romance is on your mind, be sure that the bedroom is a place that reflects that. Feng Shui recommends having a bed with a solid wood or upholstered headboard (no holes or slats in the headboard) to provide a feeling of comfort and safety. Make sure that the artwork in the bedroom is soothing and remove photos of other people and strong religious images. Matching nightstands, soft bedding, and lights that can be dimmed will help set the stage for love.

5. Use the Goldilocks Principle
Goldilocks knew that anything that was too hard, too soft, too hot, too cold, just didn’t feel right. When it comes to decor, many single men will decorate their homes in an extremely masculine fashion (leather furniture, chrome and glass, and the occasional baseball trophy, beer sign, or moose head), while many single women go overboard with flowers, ruffles, and pastels. In order for someone else to feel comfortable in your space, it’s a good idea to try to create a decor that is more “gender neutral”. If you need help deciding whether or not your space feels too masculine or feminine, ask a friend or sibling of the opposite sex to give you an honest opinion.
Creating a home environment that supports healthy and happy relationships can help energize one’s life for love. The next step is to open your heart and let it happen!
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