Feng Shui and House Blessings

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       In past newsletter issues and in my book Feng Shui that Makes Sense, I have taught you the importance of doing periodic space clearings (click here to read about space clearing). Space clearings are crucial to the success of your feng shui because they remove old energetic residue from past occupants, events, and emotions and make way for better, positive energy and experiences. Once a space clearing has been completed, it is important to conduct a house blessing.

     While a space clearing erases an energetic imprint, a house blessing creates an energetic imprint. The purpose of a house blessing is to set the intention for your home by consciously welcoming positive, loving energy into your space in order to make the experience of living there as optimal as possible. The clearer you can be with your thoughts and your intentions, the better you and your space will feel. A home is far more than just a place of shelter; it’s an energetic environment that can impact daily living—either positively or negatively. Happiness, security, love, health, success, friendship, safety, and financial well-being are just some of the aspects that can be influenced by a house blessing.
     Don’t worry too much about correct procedure when blessing your home. There’s no right or wrong way to conduct a house blessing. You can keep it simple or conduct something elaborate. For some people, a house blessing is religious or spiritual in nature. For others, it’s not. The blessing can be almost anything you want it to be. For example, you can imagine your house filled with beautiful white light or with angels bringing positive and loving energy. Some people read a prayer, a poem, or a meaningful passage from a book, while others enjoy playing music or singing a favorite song. A clear heart and a loving intention are all that’s required to conduct a successful house blessing.

      As with space clearing, I recommend that the house be as clean as possible before a house blessing. It’s best to clean the home, clean your body (bathe and put on clean clothes), conduct a space clearing, and finish with a house blessing.
   Who attends is up to you. You may do the blessing yourself or invite friends and family to join you—whatever feels comfortable. If you have a religious preference, you may invite your minister, rabbi, or priest to officiate. This is your home, and the important thing is that you feel good about the process.
   Some people enjoy making a house blessing into a ceremony and/or setting up a house blessing altar. In this case, the process of gathering materials for the blessing becomes part of the blessing itself. Materials such as a special cloth, candles, flowers, photographs, incense, sage, music, stones, or representations of each Life Aspiration Area may be used as meaningful objects during house blessings. For my own house blessings, I place a representation of the five elements and a ring of beautiful stones around a candle. What you choose to do and how you choose to do it are completely up to you.
     Most house blessings take place in the main gathering room of the home, but any room where you feel the most comfortable is fine. Some people conduct the blessing in one room; others like to go throughout the house. When I do house blessings in my own home, I go to each Life Aspiration Area of the home and set my intention for each area.
    You may wish to do house blessings periodically. I suggest doing them in concert with space clearing. If you conduct a house blessing each time you conduct a space clearing, you’ll be doing yourself and your home a big favor. Like energy attracts like energy. By space clearing and then consciously blessing your home, you are creating positive attraction energy. I highly recommend conducting a space clearing and a house blessing when you first move into a new home and annually on New Year’s Day to set your intention for the year to come.
The Process I Use to Bless My Home
     As I mentioned earlier, there’s no right or wrong way to bless your home. The goal is to focus your intention on the energy that you’d like to attract into your home and life. Here’s what I like to do as a house blessing.
     First, I set aside a day when I’ll have enough uninterrupted time to do a complete job of cleaning, space clearing, and blessing. Before the day arrives, I plan ahead by gathering representations of the five elements: a metal tray (metal), a new votive candle (fire), a few favorite rocks and stones that have been cleansed and rinsed under cold, running water (earth), a small glass bowl of purified water (water), and a beautiful flower (wood). I like to burn sandalwood incense as well when I do a house blessing, so I have some of that on hand too.
    I begin with a thorough cleaning of my home. This includes washing all the sheets and towels. After the house is clean, I start a bath. I add Epsom salts and a few drops of therapeutic-grade essential oil to the water. I use eucalyptus, geranium, lavender, or whatever oil I feel like adding at the time to help me relax and put me a positive mind-set. After my bath, I dress in something clean and comfortable, and then I conduct a space clearing of my entire house using energy chimes.
     After the space clearing is done, I light a stick of sandalwood incense and arrange the five elements mentioned above on the metal tray. I do the house blessing in my living room, so I place the tray on the hearth. I say a quiet prayer for my home, blessing it as a place of peace, protection, rejuvenation, and happiness. Sometimes, I pray for one of my Life Aspiration Areas, and other times, I pray for someone in my life. I light the candle and focus on feeling love and gratitude for my home. I like to picture angels surrounding my home with protection and white light. I stay with this process until the house really feels cleansed and protected.
Remember, safety comes first. If you’re burning anything during your blessing ceremony, be sure to do so in a safe place and don’t leave burning things unattended or within reach of children and pets.
    While this is the process that feels best to me, you need to identify what feels best to you. If you’d like more ideas on ways to bless your home, there’s a lot of information available in books and on the Internet about house blessings. Yes, it takes time to do all the cleaning and clearing, but the effort is well worth the result of creating a home of beauty, comfort, and positive healing energy. Through space clearing and blessing your home, you are truly clearing the way for, and amplifying your feng shui efforts.
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