Feng Shui Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

sle09Have you ever had trouble falling asleep or staying asleep? The Center for Disease Control estimates that 50 to 70 million adults in America suffer from some kind of sleeping disorder. If you, or someone you know is experiencing sleep problems, these five feng shui tips may help.

1. Position your Bed Correctly 
Feng Shui addresses factors in our surroundings that trigger our survival instincts. When our surroundings feel safe we are able to relax. When we feel vulnerable, we become more tense. If your bed is positioned too close to the door, or in a position where you can’t see the door when you are lying down, you may feel more vulnerable and less able to sleep. To remedy this, place your bed in the room so that you can see the door and not be in direct line with it. This position allows your survival instincts to calm down because you’ll be able to see who enters the room and still  be far enough away to be able to protect yourself if necessary.

2. Get a “Big” Boy (or Big Girl) Bed
Beds with solid upholstered or solid wood headboards tend to make us feel more protected and in turn, more relaxed. Even if the head of your bed is pushed up against the wall, having a significant headboard (with no holes or slats) attached to a bed frame can help you feel more protected and able to rest than a bed with no headboard. This goes for children’s beds as well!
3. Keep Your Bed Away from Electric Fields as Much as Possible
A growing body of scientific research draws a relationship between Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs) and sleep disturbances. Try to position your clock radio and other electrical appliances in your room at least five feet from your bed. Avoid beds with a lot of metal (including metal headboards) because metal conducts electricity and this may impact sleep patterns. Make sure that the head of your bed doesn’t share a wall with a large electrical appliance like a refrigerator because the fields can penetrate the walls. For more information on EMFs and sleep, click here.
4. Diffuse Therapeutic-Grade Essential Oils that Help with Rest and Relaxation
Diffusing essential oils like lavender, geranium, and chamomile in the bedroom can help the body relax. Valerian oil has been used for centuries to bring on sleep. Use an ultrasonic diffuser and high-grade essential oils (like the ones I promote in my newsletters) for the best results. Ultrasonic diffusers work without heating the oil, which is very important. Your room will smell heavenly and you’ll feel so much more relaxed.
5. Choose Artwork and Colors Carefully
Warm earth tones and neutral colors feel more restful than bold, bright colors. Choose artwork that is peaceful and relaxing (scenes from nature are great for this), and only display items and images that you love.
There are many, many other feng shui suggestions for restful sleep (my book has lots of them). If you can sleep anywhere, anytime, consider yourself very fortunate. If you don’t, I hope that these suggestions will help you!
Copyright protected c. 2015 Cathleen McCandless  www.fengshuimauihawaii.com

Copyright protected c. 2015 Cathleen McCandless http://www.fengshuimauihawaii.com

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