Feng Shui Tips for Moving into or out of a Home

Moving is never easy. The physical impact of a move is often compounded by the emotions that go along with leaving a familiar environment and moving into new, less familiar space.  Feng Shui is the study of the environment and how it affects people. It goes beyond how a space looks and addresses the energy of how a space feels. There are tons of sites on the internet that can help you with the physical aspects of moving (packing, labeling, etc.) Instead of discussing the nuts and bolts of moving, I’d like to share with you the energetic aspects of moving out of an old home and into a new one.
Leaving your Old Home
1. Freely Let Go of What No Longer Serves You
     I like to define clutter as anything you no longer want, love, need, or use.  When you freely release that which no longer serves you (this applies to people and circumstances as much as it does belongings), you are literally and figuratively making room for new, better energy to come into your life. Holding on to people, places, and things that no longer have a purpose or bring you joy is usually rooted in some kind of fear. Fear that you may need that thing again some day (even if you haven’t used it in years), fear of change, fear of being alone, fear of lack, fear of never finding something/someone better, etc. These items and fears energetically weigh you down, keep you stuck, and slow  the flow of something better coming into your life. When you let go of something that no longer has meaning and purpose in your life, you energetically open the door to new and improved people, places and things. There is no better time than moving from one place to another to freely and easily let go of the old and look forward to the new.
2. Clear Your Home’s Energy
     As a feng shui consultant, I often come across homes that still have strong residual energy from people who have lived there previously. This residual energy can make the new occupants feel lethargic and often like they never really feel at “home” in the house, even if they’ve lived there for years.  Just as you would physically clean your home for the new people, it is important that you do a energetic clearing on the home you are leaving (please refer to my book Feng Shui that Makes Sense if you don’t know how to do this) to energetically clear the home of your (and your family’s) energy. This will help free the home of your energy and clear the space for the new occupants.

3. Thank and Bless the Home You’re Leaving
    Leaving a beloved home can be a very emotional experience. You are not just moving away from the building, but also all the memories and experiences you’ve had there. Once you’ve moved out of your home and completed your Space Clearing, take a moment and feel the gratitude towards your home, thanking it for providing shelter and blessing it for the new people who will occupy it. Some people like to imagine taking a giant pair of golden scissors and symbolically cutting the ties they have to their old home. This step can help you feel that you have closure and make the experience of leaving somewhat easier.
Moving into Your New Home
1. Space Clear the Home Before and After You Move In
Once the home is empty of the previous occupant’s items and before you move your things in, be sure to do a space clearing to get the old energy out of the space. Then after you get your possessions moved in, do another space clearing to remove any of the energy your things may be holding from your old home. This is a very important step in having fresh and positive energy in your home. It will also help you to be able to more easily do the next step.
2. Set the Intention and Blessings for Your New Home
After you’ve cleared the old energy from your new home, you will be able to more easily set the intention for your space. Take a few minutes and imagine the life you’d like to have in your new space. Would you like a new partner, job, or financial situation? One way to set the intention is to imagine a huge bubble of light above your new home with a giant golden magnet inside. Imagine the magnet pulling in the energy of love, abundance, peace, protection, success, and anything else you’d like to manifest into your life into the bubble, watching it grow brighter and stronger as the energy enters the bubble. Then imagine a hole in the bottom of the bubble pouring the energy that you’ve placed inside down onto the roof of your home, across the ceiling, down the walls, and onto the floor. Imagine every molecule and atom in the house glowing with this beautiful, golden white light. Then imagine pushing this energy out to the edge of your property and surround it with another bubble, this time giving the bubble a beautiful golden crust to seal in the energy that you’ve placed inside. Another thing that I like to do is imagine four beautiful angels standing back-to-back on the roof, looking out in all directions, keeping my home safe and protected for as long as I live there. You can also imagine angels standing at your door, or in a ring around your home, whatever feels best to you.
3. New Home, New Start
Moving into a new home is symbolically a new start into a new phase of life. Choose to live only with items that you love and that have positive associations and memories for you. Be sure to place the proper elements on the proper meridian points for wealth, career, etc. (my book will teach you how to do this in detail), and make your home feel and look as good as possible. Remember that your surroundings have a great impact on how you experience your life, so be sure to make them as positive and pleasing as possible.
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Copyright protected c. 2015 Cathleen McCandless http://www.sandiegofengshui.com


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