Artwork and Feng Shui: How the Choices you Make Influence the Feng Shui of your Home


Frequently I work with clients who either have no artwork, artwork that they don’t love, or artwork that evokes emotions that aren’t pleasant or positive. This happens so often that I realized when I wrote my book that I really needed to address this common concern that people have when decorating their homes. Since feng shui goes beyond simply how a space looks and concentrates on how it feels, artwork choices become paramount. The following is an excerpt from my book, Feng Shui that Makes Sense which takes a look at some ways artwork affects us and how we can make better choices when it comes to what we choose to display in our homes.

More than just something to take up wall space, artwork plays an important role in the feng shui of a room. Art can tell a story, convey a mood or an idea, or stir the emotions. Art choices are highly subjective, and what inspires one person may be uninspiring to another. Although art preferences vary from person to person, and home to home, there are still some basic rules to bear in mind when choosing art. First, artwork should be appropriate in size for the wall, the room, and the furnishings. Choose smaller pieces for narrow walls and larger pieces for wide walls. Artwork and furnishings can compliment each other if they’re in correct proportion.
When hanging art above a piece of furniture, the artwork shouldn’t be longer than the width of the furniture. Also, be sure to hang the artwork at the correct height. Frequently, I visit homes where the artwork is hung much too high. In most cases, artwork should be hung so that the center point of the picture or grouping is at eye level for the average person.
When considering color, remember that neutral colors are calming and will blend with other features, while bright colors draw attention and add excitement to a room. When considering the number of art pieces to use in a room, remember that one large piece may be better than several small pieces. Unless grouped carefully, hanging many pictures together in one space can make the room feel jumbled and chaotic.
Landscape paintings or photographs can add dimension and depth to a room, especially to a room that lacks a beautiful view out the window. Artwork with depth can make a smaller room feel larger or less claustrophobic. Mirrors are another way to brighten a dark room. However in feng shui, there are certain places where mirrors are considered unfavorable: one is directly across from the front door and the other is in a bedroom positioned in such a way that you can see your reflection when lying in bed. Otherwise, a beautiful mirror can be a great statement in a room when you aren’t sure what kind of art to add. Just make sure that whatever the mirror reflects is a pleasing image.
Unless you’re an art connoisseur, choosing art for your home may be a real challenge. Too often when people shop for artwork, they become frustrated and end up buying something that they don’t really like, just to cover a blank wall. Then every time they look at it, they feel dissatisfied on some level. This is contrary to what you’re trying to accomplish with feng shui. If you can’t find something that you really like, it’s better to live with a blank wall until you do.
The internet is a fabulous way to shop for artwork. For a great web site for artwork, CLICK HERE You can search by color, artist, theme, and more, with literally thousands of choices available. Many pieces have several sizes and print types to choose from. You can have them framed and shipped right to your door and the site often offers large discounts and savings on purchases. Even if you don’t buy a piece over the Internet, doing some browsing online will give you a better idea of what you’re looking for before you set out to shop.
Above all, choose pieces that inspire you. Artwork should be pleasing and uplifting andbutterfly copynot remind you of anything that’s painful or sad. Replace any artwork that doesn’t feel good to you with something positive. You can also choose pieces that serve as a visual reminder of the goals you wish to accomplish in your life. If you want romance in your life, choose images of couples or romantic settings. If you’d like to travel more, find artwork of places you’d like to go. For more peace in life, choose images of nature. You get the idea. Once you look at the art in your home as more than something to take up a blank space on a wall, you’ll find your home can become more beautiful, more inspiring, and more creative than it was before.
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Copyright protected c. 2013 Cathleen McCandless
Copyright protected c. 2013 Cathleen McCandless

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