What can Feng Shui do for You?

I have been practicing Feng Shui for almost twenty years now and I am still amazed at the changes it has made in my life and the lives of my clients.  When done properly, this ancient system can be very beneficial in promoting positive changes in one’s life.  So just how does that happen? 

           First of all, let’s get one thing straight…Feng Shui will not solve all your problems, overcome bad decisions you have made or instantly make you a millionaire.  If you expect any of those things to happen you will be sorely disappointed.  Furthermore, if you think Feng Shui will do all the hard work you need to do to improve your life without you having to lift a finger, you are also mistaken.  So if Feng Shui can’t do any of those things, what the heck can it do?

           Feng Shui is not a belief system, a religion or superstition. It has nothing to do with “luck” and everything to do with creating a more positive living and working environment. Feng Shui is a method of observing your surroundings and making changes based on those observations.  When done properly, Feng Shui helps shift the energy in your environment so you are able to be the best you can be.  But Feng Shui can’t do all that by itself.  The secret to your success lies with you.

          I receive emails and phone calls all the time from clients who share with me the wonderful changes that have occurred in their lives as a result of their Feng Shui appointments.  These are the clients that enthusiastically rolled up their sleeves and joined in wholeheartedly during their consultation.  Their openness and willingness to make the changes in their homes dramatically increased the success they experienced. They share with me their job promotions, marriages, better health and financial improvements.  The changes are as individual as the people themselves, but there is one thing they all have in common; and that is that their lives are moving along in  happier and more positive ways as a result of Feng Shui.

      Sometimes Feng Shui works in subtle, less obvious ways.  I had a client contact me about six months after I had met with them to tell me they were having problems with the IRS.   It turns out they had an overseas investment and did not realize they had to declare it on their income tax.  The IRS discovered it and now wanted three years of back taxes and penalties. They would have to pay the back taxes and penalties out of their savings and were very upset.   The client wanted to know why their Feng Shui hadn’t “worked”.  I pointed out that I believed that their Feng Shui was indeed working. I suggested that they should be thankful that only three years had passed before the IRS discovered the undeclared investment and that they had the money to pay the tax and penalties without going into debt.  I told them that had the IRS not caught it this year, many more years could have gone by and their entire savings might have been wiped out. Potentially they could have faced a devastating financial loss and perhaps even jail time!  It was much better to find out about this issue now before it went on any longer, and to have the money saved up to pay for it than having the taxes and penalties piling up over more time.  When they looked at the situation from this perspective, they could indeed see how their Feng Shui not only was “working”, but was actually greatly helping them. Their Feng Shui kept a bad situation from getting much, much worse. 

 Feng Shui must be done correctly and thoroughly in order for it to “work”. That is why it is important to consult an experienced expert to help you.  Sometimes the results are subtle, and sometimes they are dramatic. The key to success is correctly implementing all the enhancements and not just some of them.  Feng Shui is a holistic process and in order to receive the benefits, one must put in the effort to make the necessary changes.  One thing I know for sure, is that Feng Shui is always taking us to something better.  Sometimes in remarkable ways!

 It takes many, many years and a great deal of experience to be a successful Feng Shui consultant. Years ago I never could have dreamed Feng Shui would become such a joyful part of my life.  It has touched and improved every aspect of my life and I am still in awe of the ability it has to help others.  Don’t wait any longer to find out how it can help you.  The possibilities are limitless!

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