Creating Excellence in your Home with Feng Shui

My motto has long been, “Anything less than excellent is not acceptable.”  In order to achieve this goal in your surroundings, take a moment and explore each area of your home or office.  Spend some time carefully and honestly answering the following:

1. Write down three words that describe this room (pretty, cluttered, spacious, small, etc.)

2. Write down three words that describe how you feel when you are there (happy, overwhelmed, upbeat, productive, tired, etc.).

The above two exercises are good indicators of how this room or area is affecting you.

3. Make a list of anything in this room that you don’t like, want, need or use (and get rid of those things).

4. Write a list of three qualities or items in the room that you DO like (it is always best to focus on the positive while eliminating the negative).

5. Is there anything in this room that you would change?  If so, what would it be?

6. Do your spirits rise or fall when you are here?  If they fall, what can you do to create a more positive feeling? (Paint, add plants, change artwork, clear clutter, etc.)

7. If you are evaluating your house, write down a list of the rooms in order of the ones that bother you the most.  The room at the top of the list should be the one that you feel needs to be attended to first.  Then spend time concentrating just on that room.  Don’t move down the list until the room or area before it has been taken care of.  Focusing your efforts will help you feel less overwhelmed and more productive.

8. Remember that what you choose to surround yourself with has a direct effect on your thoughts, emotions, physical well-being and more. When you are happy with your surroundings those feelings will transfer to how you feel about your life.  As your relationship to your physical space improves, you will find your attitudes and thoughts improve as well. When that happens you are well on your way to manifest excellence in  your life.

9. Once you make the changes you want to make in your surroundings be careful not to add items that create any negative or associations. It is VERY important to only live with what you love!

10. Finally, as you go through each section of your home or workspace, remember that Feng Shui is all about creating a space that feels as good as it looks.  If it feels good, it’s good Feng Shui.  If it doesn’t, it is time to roll up your sleeves and make some changes. This simple exercise should help you recognize how your environment makes you feel and what can be done to improve any areas that are “less than excellent”.  Not only will your space feel better, but most importantly, you will too!

Copyright protected c. 2010 Cathleen McCandless


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