Finding your Place of Power


   We all know the feeling of peace and serenity that certain places in nature seem to inspire in us.  It may be a mountain pasture, a sandy beach, sitting near a meandering stream,  or camping in the desert. In fact, it isn’t so much where a place is, it is how we experience that place that is so important.  Everyone needs to find the time and  place to decompress and detach from everyday stresses and demands in order to recharge and rejuvenate our bodies, minds and spirits.   
   Many people practice meditation and yoga to find inner peace, stillness and inspiration.  While I am a great proponent of these methods,  there is nothing quite like finding an actual location  where just being there seems to promote a deep sense of calm and happiness.  Finding a place that calms the spirit and rejuvenates the body is what I like to call a Power Place.  It is a place that restores us and basically gives us back the energy (the power)we have lost through the  stress and distraction of our daily lives. 

   What is so significant about discovering your Power Place and how can it help you with your manifesting efforts?  Simply, a Power Place is a place where we can connect to our essence.  A place where we instantly feel “plugged into” energy that not only renews us, but also provides us with inspiration and a sense of rejuvenation.  Being in such a place helps us become clear about the current state of our lives and know what adjustments need to be made in order to consciously create the life we want.  A Power  Place often promotes deep feelings of gratitude and appreciation by just being there.  The inspiration we experience in these places helps us to prioritize what it is we want, connects us to gratitude for what we have, and helps us to take enough of a break from daily life to get clear on where we are and where we are going. 

     I strongly believe that in order to find our special Power Place we must connect with nature.  As with plants and animals, human beings are creatures that were designed to respond and harmonize with the natural world.  With the advent of technology and the built environment, we have experienced an ever-increasing detachment from nature.   Often we can become so worn down by our problems that we forget a whole world exists outside ourselves.  Nature has a way of centering us and clearing our minds to help us take stock of our lives and know what adjustments need to be made in order to manifest what we want. 
    This summer renew your spirit by spending time in nature.  Turn your cell phone off, listen to the wind and the birds, breathe in the fresh air and carefully notice how your body and mind feel while you are there.  You may even want to bring a pad of paper or a journal to write down your impressions and inspirations.  It is truly amazing how taking just a bit of time off away from our daily lives and connecting with nature helps us to readjust and cleanse our energy.  When we experience a Place of Power on the outside, we realign our Place of Power on the inside, and that place guides us towards consciously creating the life we want. 


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