Feng Shui Life-Assessment Survey

Feng Shui helps people by focusing on areas of their homes and lives that need improvement, but before we can make improvements we need to know what needs to be improved.

Whenever I am about to meet with a new client I have them fill out a detailed questionnaire.  The purpose of the questionnaire is two-fold.  One,  it helps me to get to know them better so I am better able to help them, and two,  it helps my client identify areas in their lives that are, and are not satisfying.  In order for us to change things in our lives, we first must identify what needs to be changed. This questionnaire helps us do that.

Instructions:  You will need a piece of paper and something to write with.  Read each question and rank it on a scale from one to ten.  Ten means the situation is the best it can possibly be, and one means it needs great improvement. Write the number value you assign to each statement on the line next to the number. You may want to include the date at the top of your paper.  Be as honest with yourself as you can be as you rate each item.

______  1. How satisfied are you with your career?                 

______ 2. Do you feel your life is moving in the right direction?

______ 3. Are you reaching the life goals you have set for yourself?

______ 4. Do you take time out for leisure activities and hobbies?

______ 5. Do you nurture yourself spiritually?

______ 6. Do you take time out to read and learn new things?

______ 7. How is the relationship with the family members you grew up with (parents, siblings)?

______ 8. If you have a family of your own, how would you rate the happiness of your family?

______ 9. Are you satisfied with your financial situation?

______ 10. Are you seen by others the way you’d like to be seen?

______ 11. Do you feel respected and appreciated by other people in your life?

______ 12. Is your romantic life satisfying and happy?

______ 13. If you have children, is your relationship with them as good as it can be?

______ 14. Do you make time for creative pursuits?

______ 15. Do you feel you have people you can rely on in times of need?

______ 16. Are you able to travel as much as you would like?

Now go back and look at your scores.  Circle anything with a value of five or lower.  Choose the item with the lowest number.  This is the area you need to focus on first.  Start now by completing these sentences:

I feel that the area of my life that needs the most improvement is (fill in the blank) ____________________________________________________________________.

In order to improve this situation I will need to ___________________________________

I am going to take positive action today by ______________________________________

Create a plan of action by doing at least one thing within the next 24 hours to help yourself improve this area of your life.  As you improve one area, move on to the next.

Life is dynamic and changes over time. It is a good idea to take this little quiz from time to time to check in with yourself and help you identify areas of your life that need the most help.  You will be amazed at how much more easily things improve when you take the time to identify what your problem areas are and then write down the steps you can take to improve them.  Give it a try! It works!

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