Feng Shui and Artificial Scents: Are you poisoning your home?

4929035One of the many things I do as a Feng Shui consultant is to help my client make their home as happy and health as I possibly can.  That said, I can’t begin to count how many times I have walked into a client’s home and been overtaken by the sweet, cloying smell of artificial scent.  Frequently my nose starts to run and I get a headache, not to mention feeling irritable.

The problem with artificial scent such as plug-in devises, sprays and scented sticks is that they are made of toxic chemicals.  Once airborne, the toxic chemicals are inhaled and taken directly into the blood stream.  If you use these products, take a look at the label and ask yourself if you would consider drinking the chemicals listed.  Because like it or not, once you breathe in these products, you might as well be.  

I once had a client who told me her son became ill every time he came home from school.  He would feel fine all day, but the minute he got home he would get a migraine headache and have to lie down.  The mother had taken him to many doctors and no one could figure out what was wrong.  When I walked into her home I was almost knocked over by the amount of artificial scent in the home.  When asked, the client told me she loved room fresheners and preferred the plug-in variety.  With my nose running and eyes burning I explained to her how toxic and unhealthy these devices were and that they may be the source of her son’s headaches.  She was shocked.  She never considered that this was the source of her son’s health issues.

We went from room to room unplugging these things and ended up with a whopping 36 of them!  A week later my client called me to tell me her son no longer suffered headaches and that she would never, ever use artificial scent in her home again. 

If you enjoy having scent in your home, consider Aromatherapy using natural, therapeutic grade essential oils.

Aromatherapy using natural essential oils is a healing and stress-reduction technique that is thousands of years old.  Essential oils promote and restore physical, mental and emotional health, and impart a sense of well-being. Various aromas are thought to affect stress levels, hormone levels, metabolism, appetite, body temperature, immunity, and conscious thoughts.  

Specific essential oils produce specific effects. Some are said to be uplifting and energizing, and others are calming and sedating. Still others are said to help balance mind and body.

Relaxing oils include: bergamot, chamomile, jasmine, lavender, marjoram, rose, and ylang ylang. Others, such as clary sage, elemi, fennel, frankincense, rosewood, sandalwood, and vetiver are also recommended to assist with stress problems. Basil, cedarwood, geranium, lavender, lemon, myrrh, orange, patchouli and thyme are said to produce a balancing effect by either stimulating or relaxing you, depending on your body’s needs. Peppermint oil awakens the mind and increases the powers of concentration, and so on.

The quality of essential oils varies greatly.  What you find in the health food store may say Lavender oil, when in actuality it is mostly a carrier oil (such as grape seed or almond oil) with just a few drops of lavender added for scent.   There is no regulation in the United States for essential oils, so it is very important that you purchase a brand you can trust.

When using essential oils in your home or office it is VERY important that you are using therapeutic grade essential oils. The best company for essential oils is a company I have used for over 16 years.  These oils are 100% natural and are the very best essential oils available. They are very concentrated, so only a small amount is needed.
    Below you will find a link to an incredible site that explains in detail the benefits of essential oils and provides a convenient way to order them. By diffusing them in the air using an ultrasonic diffuser you not only freshen the scent in your home, but you will be providing therapeutic value as pure therapeutic-grade essential oils kill airborne germs and viruses.  This is one area where you want to accept no substitutes! 

Save your health and well-being…throw away those artificial scents NOW!

Here is a link to where you can find out more and order the oils.  There is also a link on that page where you can contact me for more information.  I have used these oils for many, many years and I can assure you that their benefits to body, mind, and spirit are nothing short of amazing.


For further reference here is a link to an incredible book and resource for essential oils.


Here’s to your health!

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