Shifting your Energy with Feng Shui

Shifting Energy with Feng Shui

Spring is here and along with it comes the energy of freshness and new beginnings.  Here are  some great Feng Shui tips to welcome more positive energy into your space and into your life.

The words Feng Shui loosely translated mean wind and water.  Instead of taking these words literally, they exemplify a concept, and that concept is balance.  When our lives are out of balance and we have been experiencing sadness, loss, depression, or other negative emotions, we sometimes feel helpless when it comes to shifting the energy in our lives towards something more positive. 

The wonderful thing about Feng Shui is it is all about creating positive energy. If you are down in the dumps and need a pick-me-up, consider some of these quick and easy ideas:
1. Play some inspiring music.  See the “bookstore” section to the right for some great suggestions.
2. Place some flowers in a vase.  There is a reason people give flowers to those that need cheering up.  Flowers and images of nature are healing because we have lived in nature far longer than we have lived indoors. Images of nature soothe and inspire us.

3. Try aromatherapy.  Essential oils of peppermint and citrus are uplifting and help clear the mind.  Be sure to use high-grade therapeutic essential oils.  You click here for information about essential oils.

4. Clean out a drawer or closet.  Yes, that’s right.  Getting rid of things that no longer serve you helps you get rid of the past and welcome the future.  Plus, you will gain a satisfying feeling of accomplishment!

5. Open the windows.  Let fresh air and sunshine bathe your home with healing energy.
6. Get rid of anything you don’t love, want, or need.  Your home should be a space that pleases you.  Never live with anything that does not lift your spirits.

7. Take care of something in your home that has been bugging you.  Whether it is a sticky door, burnt out light bulb, dead plant, whatever…if it has been bugging you, get up and deal with it once and for all.  You will be amazed at the relief you’ll get from taking care of this annoying thing.  

8. Buy some new fluffy bathroom towels.  Stores like Michael’s and Ross sell high quality towels at a fraction of the original cost.  The luxurious feeling of a nice thick towel after a bath or shower is very soothing.

9. Conduct a space clearing and blessing on your home.

10.  Make that Feng Shui appointment you have been putting off! I can help you shift the energy in your space and help you bring more positive energy and joy into your surroundings.  

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