Can money really flow out through the drains of your bathroom?

Yesterday I met with yet another client who kept all her drains closed and her bathroom doors shut because she had “heard” that her money will flow out of through the drains and the toilets in  her house.  

This is of course silly non-sense that is perpetuated by people (even Feng Shui consultants) who don’t understand the origin of this concept.                      

In ancient China (and in China today) the bathrooms were rudimentary at best.  Often they are outhouses with crude holes in the ground where one squats to “do their business”.  Sorry for the image, but those of you that have been to the far east know what I’m talking about.

For these people, the association with the bathroom is a very negative one.  In a society that strongly emphasises money with happiness and power, the Chinese associate the bathroom with all sorts of negative things (you probably would too if you had a bathroom that was a hole in the ground outside). 

The truth of the matter is that the only way you can lose money down the drains or the toilet in your bathroom is to take your wallet or purse and empty it out over the toilet and then whooooshhh  give it a flush.  Bye- bye money!  That is the ONLY way that works.

You see, never in their wildest dreams did the ancient Chinese (who created the principles of Feng Shui) envision the beautiful, clean, highly functioning bathrooms we are fortunate to have in our society today.  For them, the bathroom was a terrible awful place with negative associations.  For many of us it is a quiet place of privacy.  Some people have even turned their bathrooms into spas with whirlpool tubs and steam rooms.    

This post just illustrates the silly myths that are perpetuated in Feng Shui.  So  feel free to  open your drains proudly people!  If your money seems like it is going “down the drain” don’t blame it on your bathroom!  Take a look at your wealth and prosperity areas and how you spend your money instead…hey, is that another topic for another blog I’m sensing???  Stay tuned! 

Cathleen McCandless


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