A video of my work on a Master-Planned Housing Community

It had long been a dream of mine to be able to help a builder create a housing development based entirely on Feng Shui principles.      

Three years ago my dream came true, and for the next two years I helped home builder John Laing Homes create a master-planned housing community based on Feng Shui principles.  I consulted with the building team on all aspects of the building and design process including architectural plans, staff training, exterior and interior design, landscaping, logos, signage, and finally, the design of the model homes.

Each of the five model homes was designed to represent one of the Five Elements in Feng Shui; Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. I worked extensively with the design team to bring as many representations of each element as possible into each one of the model homes.  The development was named “Fusion Five” after the five elements in Feng Shui.

This was one of the first developments in the United States designed with Feng Shui principles in mind.  It was a delight and an honor to work with such an amazing, visionary team. 

You can see a slide show of my work on my Facebook Fan Page, click my Facebook Link Below  to see the video and to become a fan of San Diego Feng Shui.  Enjoy!


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